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Motherboards - Page 9


Motherboards facilitate communication between all of the difference components inside your PC. Picking the right one is imperative to maximizing stability and making sure your machine has room to grow. Let us help you choose the best Motherboard to fit your needs.

news - JANUARY 23 40

We get Gigabyte's reaction to the landscape-changing decision from Intel.

news - JANUARY 23 12

We take a look at what Zotac had to offer at CES 2013.

news - JANUARY 23 57

Intel has released a statement in which it announces that it will be leaving the design and manufacturing of desktop motherboards, leaving the field open for other motherboard manufacturers to fill in the gaps.

news - JANUARY 18 19

ASRock has announced a new flagship AM3+ motherboard, the 990FX Extreme9.

news - JANUARY 10 21

4K from Intel HD4000 graphics.

reviews - JANUARY 10 37

Yes, you can get all of the functionality enabled by Intel's Z77 Express chipset in a tiny mini-ITX form factor! We round up four motherboards that uniquely approach the gaming and media center markets with a...

news - DECEMBER 27 7

Make Siri do even more for you.

news - DECEMBER 20 10

Axiomtek released a new Mini ITX motherboard for compact and embedded systems.

reviews - NOVEMBER 26 55

After just one generation, Socket FM1 is dead. We test six Socket FM2-based motherboards able to take AMD's newest APUs built using the Trinity architecture. Can any of these platforms, armed with AMD A85X...

news - NOVEMBER 7 4

The retro OS makes a comeback.

news - OCTOBER 28 34

IHS has said that only 11.3 percent of a total of 5,994 companies have complied with the requirements of the U.S. Conflict Minerals Law so far.

news - OCTOBER 16 16

Twice the RAM, same great price.

reviews - OCTOBER 10 35

Expanded graphics card support, enhanced on-board features that include Thunderbolt on some models, and more-robust voltage control are all good reasons to consider paying a little extra for a higher-end...

news - OCTOBER 4 8

The representing body of the chip industry, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), reported a disappointing result for August 2012.

news - OCTOBER 1 38

Asus may be gearing up to purchase ASRock's motherboard division.

news - SEPTEMBER 28 63

A report coming out of Taiwan suggests that the continued integration of new features in microprocessors will cause some motherboard makers to pull out of the market.

news - SEPTEMBER 20 16

And you won't void your warranty by enabling it!

news - SEPTEMBER 5 38

Intel sent over several thousand dollars worth of hardware for us to give away, just in time for school to start. But you don't need to be a student to win. Just enter our sweepstakes for your chance to take...

news - AUGUST 28 28

Gigabyte's latest motherboard features a robust 32+3+2 power design using Ultra Durable 5 high current capable components.

news - AUGUST 18 26

For the second time, the Enough Project has listed technology companies for their effort to avoid conflict minerals in their products.

news - JULY 23 19

20 Gbps transfer speeds aren't expected to hit Thunderbolt until 2014.

reviews - JULY 23 67

Intel’s LGA 1155 interface is designed for mainstream buyers, yet the firm’s Ivy Bridge-based processors put it in the performance spotlight. We compare seven Z77 Express motherboards that deliver...

news - JULY 20 7

Luckily it didn't get lost in space.

news - JULY 20 26

There is now an option next to the Raspberry Pi

news - JULY 19 0

We recently received a couple of Intel's server boards, and handed them over to our 3D modeling team to preview in video.

news - JULY 18 22

Time to give your Raspberry Pi a little boost.