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Motherboards - Page 9


Motherboards facilitate communication between all of the difference components inside your PC. Picking the right one is imperative to maximizing stability and making sure your machine has room to grow. Let us help you choose the best Motherboard to fit your needs.

news - JANUARY 5 59

Build the coolest system to win.

news - JANUARY 4 8

Another month has gone by and our hard-working team has made numerous new updates to our hardware testing charts. Peep all the new additions at the links inside!

news - JANUARY 3 9

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) reported a sequential decline in chip sales, when revenues of the industry decreased globally from $25.7 billion in October to $25.1 billion in November 2011.

news - DECEMBER 31 22

These are the 2011 patent applications you should be aware of.

news - DECEMBER 29 29

An expert overclocker pushes Intel's Core i7 3930K to over 5.6 GHz.

news - DECEMBER 28 5

MSI has announced two new exclusive products: MultiConnect Panel and Voice Genie

news - DECEMBER 28 8

Intel has been just granted a patent which enables electronic devices to be switched on via an intermediate computing device.

news - DECEMBER 28 40

Three Gigabyte motherboards need a critical BIOS update.

news - DECEMBER 26 25

Scientists at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) claim to have built an integrated circuit that uses molybdenite instead of silicon.

news - DECEMBER 21 30

German researchers claim to have developed the first transistor that can configure itself to either being a n-type or p-type field-effect transistors (FETs).

news - DECEMBER 16 12

VIA's x86 embedded platforms will support Google's Android OS starting with the EITX-3002 Em-ITX board.

news - DECEMBER 14 23

Today, USB-IF announced that the upcoming Intel 7 Series Chipset and Intel C216 Chipset Family has achieved SuperSpeed USB Certification.

reviews - DECEMBER 7 41

Our flagship motherboard comparison announcement was answered with an interesting selection of models, along with a bunch of “not ready yet” responses. Today we examine a few samples from companies bold...

news - DECEMBER 7 4

It's been a yawner of a year, but we will hit a milestone mark.

news - DECEMBER 2 13

There are not many highlights in the 2011 semiconductor sales ranking; only four of the 20 largest chip companies were able to post double-digit growth rates.

news - DECEMBER 2 30

The 170x170 mm mainboard form factor Mini-ITX is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

news - DECEMBER 1 50

When you absolutely, positively need to transfer lots.

news - NOVEMBER 29 15

Researchers at MIT have developed a new device that eliminates the need for the conversion of optical to electronic (and, conversely, electronic to optical) signals.

news - NOVEMBER 28 40

We're not exactly sure how often a true and dangerous fire develops within a computer case. However, just in case (Ed. note: hah), IBM has invented a fire-suppression system that will conveniently and...

news - NOVEMBER 22 46

Recently, more information on the upcoming Ivy Bridge processor and Maho Bay platform has been leaked providing further details on the new platform coming in 2012.

news - NOVEMBER 18 13

Semiconductor revenues are now expected to climb by just 1.2 percent this year and remain essentially flat over 2010, according to a new report released by IHS.

news - NOVEMBER 9 48

It's the industry's first Pico-ITX board with dual core processing, claims VIA.

news - NOVEMBER 9 58

In 2012, AMD will introduce its AMD 1090FX and 1070 Chipsets, as replacements to its current 990X and 970. The most interesting part is the new chipsets still will not support PCI-Express 3.0.

reviews - NOVEMBER 7 67

Forty-two PCIe lanes give the 990FX a clear connectivity lead over competing Intel chipsets. We compare five class-leading products using AMD's FX-8150 to see which offers the best combination of performance,...

news - NOVEMBER 5 30

Gigabyte demonstrates extensive power control software with 3-Way PWM

news - NOVEMBER 3 38

Intel has published details about its DX79SI Extreme Series Sandy Bridge-E motherboard on its website a bit earlier than anyone expected.