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Steam - Page 2


Now a match-making service for gamers, online community, storefront, operating system, and platform, Valve Corporation's Steam humbly began life as a way to distribute patches for Counter-Strike. Times have changed, and Valve is taking Steam to the next level. Today the company is taking aim at the console market, and possibly your gaming rig as well. Stay tuned to this landing page for the latest on all things Steam.

news - JANUARY 7 23

Here are the Steam Machines thus far.

news - JANUARY 7 8

We talk to Alienware about Steam Machine.

news - JANUARY 7 9

We chat with iBuyPower on the console-competitive Steam Machine.

news - JANUARY 7 11

Here are two Steam Machines from Origin PC.

news - JANUARY 6 19

CyberPower's two Steam Machines arrive in the second half of 2014.

news - DECEMBER 21 14

Credit cards at the ready...

news - DECEMBER 18 6

This build isn't provided by Valve.

picture story - DECEMBER 16 65

Valve’s ambitious new Linux-based game console will be available from a number of vendors in a variety of configurations...that is, by next year. Unwilling to wait, we're building our own Steam Machine today,...

news - DECEMBER 14 45

The SteamOS beta is ready to download.

news - DECEMBER 12 20

Get an early taste of SteamOS.

news - DECEMBER 12 11

The Steam Machine prototypes are shipping to testers on Friday.

news - DECEMBER 11 10

Steam Machine from Digital Storm will be more of high-end PC than a console.

news - DECEMBER 11 35

Microsoft provides a nod of approval to Valve.

news - NOVEMBER 26 5

Steam users can now leave reviews.

news - NOVEMBER 26 49

The first look at a Steam Machine.

news - NOVEMBER 22 13

Beta testing will take place soon, so go join the Steam In-Home Streaming group.

news - NOVEMBER 10 77

Engadget digs into SteamOS as part of its Steam Machine preview.

news - NOVEMBER 6 6

All partners will be revealed in January.

news - NOVEMBER 5 55

The Seattle Times previews Valve's Steam Box.

news - OCTOBER 15 18

DICE believes Steam Machines will be good for the console market.

news - OCTOBER 12 30

This looks like a controller that even old-school mouse/keyboard junkies will love.

news - OCTOBER 11 10

Valve's developer conference will be held in the new year.

news - OCTOBER 10 31

Steam Machines will include all three main GPU vendors: AMD, Nvidia and Intel.

news - OCTOBER 10 11

Scuf Gaming is providing the gamepads for Piston.

news - OCTOBER 7 36

Valve's Mike Sartaina briefly talks about Nvidia's involvement with the Steam Machines prototypes.

news - OCTOBER 4 64

The prototypes will be based on Nvidia GPUs and Intel CPUs.