Nintendo 3DS XL Now on Sale in Europe


Back in mid-June, Nintendo announced plans to launch a larger version of its 3D handheld gaming console, the 3DS. Dubbed 3DS XL, Nintendo named a $200 price tag and an August 19 release date for gamers in North America, and a July 28 release date for shoppers in Japan. Soon after, the company revealed that European gamers would be a bit luckier than those located in the U.S. and Canada, as they were set for the same July 28 release date as Japan.

Sure enough, the larger iteration of the Nintendo 3DS XL went on sale in Europe right on schedule this past weekend. TechRadar reports that the console is priced at £179.99. This is compared to the £149.99 RRP of the original 3DS console. The 3DS XL also features a bump in storage, with the XL boasting 4GB as opposed to the 2GB gamers got with the regular-sized 3DS.

The Nintendo 3DS XL features a top display that measures in at 4.88 inches and a bottom display that measures 4.18 inches. For those interested, the 3DS featured a 3.53-inch top display and a 3.02-inch bottom display. The new console is available in red and black, black and silver, white, red or blue, depending on the region.

Amazon UK is currently selling the 3DS XL for £175, as are and GAME. Keep in mind that the European version of the 3DS XL won't ship with an adapter, so if you don't have one, you'll have to purchase that separately or as part of a special bundle.

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    Pass. Unless someone can take my years away and bring me back to 5 :)
  • daglesj
    Yeah diluting a brand even further always helps.

  • theconsolegamer
    Soon we'll see a 3DS XL DOUBLE THUMB STICK or 3DS XLDTS.....
  • spookyman
    I think its a nice thought. Its aimed at us older 80's gamers who had both Atari and Nintendo at home now have bad eye site and staring to approach middle age.

  • NuclearShadow
    I wish to own a 3DS but I will wait until they finally decide to add the second stick. I don't even mind the fact the accessory required is more money. My issue is that I don't want something that takes batteries other than the handheld's own. Until that analog stick becomes native I will pass on the 3DS.
  • dragonsqrrl
    If given the choice, I'd rather take the original 3DS. Isn't portability the whole point of a portable game system? The only advantage the XL has are the larger screens, and that in itself packs a whole list of disadvantages for me. Bulkier, heavier, lower pixel density, and otherwise exactly the same performance and features for a higher price.
  • TheinsanegamerN
    love the bigger screen! now, how is the battery life?
  • cbfelterbush
    The whole point of this console is not to maximize portability but to Appeal to those with baseball glove hands. Like mine.

  • Its all well and good having a nice shiny new thing, but I want to keep it that way. I cannot find a case for it or screen protectors.
  • gopher1369
    " Isn't portability the whole point of a portable game system?"

    Not for me, for me it's the possibility to play games whilst the wife is watching TV + let's me take my games to bed with me.

    "The only advantage the XL has are the larger screens"

    ...and more comfortable to hold and matte (non smudge) finish and longer battery life and it plays DS and DSi games better and better positioning of the stylus and better positioning of the wifi indicator and better hinge (you can now open the screen to 3 different angles, not just open or shut) and bigger supplied SD card and better 3D effect.

    So, yeah, a few advantages!