AT&T and BSkyB Team Up for UK Hotspots for Tourists

AT&T has teamed up with the UK's BSkyB for a partnership that will allow AT&T customers access to The Cloud WiFi hotspots when visiting the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, AT&T customers won't be getting all the WiFi they want. Instead, AT&T's deal will see customers get 1GB of free WiFi access per month via The Cloud's hotspots in the UK.

If that were the only catch, we might view this deal a little more positively. Of course, it's not. Customers will also have to use AT&T's WiFi International application and, if that's not enough, they'll also have to have an international data plan on top of that. As Engadget points out, it's a good deal for those looking to up their data cap but not much use for customers looking for a way around expensive roaming plans.

BSkyB made the move to purchase The Cloud, a UK-based WiFi hotspot network comprised of 5,000 hotspots, in 2011. The company paid £50 million for The Cloud and said at the time that the initiative would complement its existing broadband services by offering customers an option for WiFi connectivity while they are on the move.

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