AT&T Selling 50GB Shared Data Plan for $500

AT&T this week announced plans to launch a new set of shared data plans aimed at businesses and consumers. These shared plans are available in three tiers starting at 30GB and continuing on to 40GB and then 50GB. Obviously, the plans are supposed to be shared out over multiple devices, but the pricing is still pretty steep, ranging from $300 to $500. 

Though AT&T seems to pitching these plans to small and medium businesses, the company doesn't seem to be ruling out the idea that regular customers might want to avail of the offer, too. The word 'consumers' was mentioned alongside businesses in the announcement, but AT&T didn't go into too much detail on how regular customers might make use of the new plans.

"Our expanded Mobile Share plans make it even easier for business customers to choose a data option that's right for them," said Joe Lueckenhoff, AT&T Senior Vice President, Business Product Management, "Whether it’s a large business wanting to better connect with employees, or a small business owner needing a data-only plan."

It's also worth mentioning that the pricing doesn't include additional per-device fees. This means an additional $30 per month for each smartphone on top of the cost of the plan itself.

The new plans are available starting March 22, which is this coming Friday.

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  • A Bad Day
    And you wanted to buy T-Mobile?

    As a stock investor, I'm indifferent.

    As a customer, I think I'm going to "upgrade" my phone so it has farther Wi-Fi ranges. And you have my boycott.
  • A Bad Day
    EDIT: I'll be voting for you and EA (because I'm a strong SC4 fan) in the Consumerist's "Worst Company in American 2013 Contest"
  • Caeric
    Steep price is correct. The best "new plan" news would be if any of our cell phone companies decided to adopt a more European model, considering we in the States pay almost 80% more for our cell phone service than do Europeans.