Ex-Alienware Founder Launches Origin, New Rigs

Origin has finally unveiled its first products--the GENESIS desktop and EON18 laptop--since Alienware co-founder Kevin Wasielewski left the company after Dell's Borg-like acquisition in 2006. Picking up the customization torch where the original Alienware left off, Wasielewski's new company has released a laptop and a desktop that speaks to the tweaker and gamer in all of us, promising layers of customization, aggressive design, personalized support and performance.

"Many boutique computer makers have lost their way, forgetting what’s important to gamers and becoming just another corporate entity," said Wasielewski, CEO/Co-Founder of ORIGIN PC. "ORIGIN is the return of the real gaming PC giving gamers exactly what they want with the most customizable, best performing, hand painted and hand built gaming PCs available."

The company has teamed up with popular third parties including Fatal1ty and Killer Paint, each bringing a unique perspective to every rig. The latter company, popular in the automotive business, will airbrush each chasis by hand with various colors including standard, metallic, and throw in cool artistic designs.

As for the rigs released today, the GENESIS desktop starts at a not-so-cheap $1,699 USD, offering dual or tri Nvidia or ATI video cards, overclocked CPUs, dual-layer Blu-ray disc burner, DDR3 2000 MHz RAM, and more. The Laptop, starting at a crazy $2,599, uses Intel's Core 2 Extreme processors, 8 GB dual channel DDR3 1333 MHz RAM, Dual Nvidia GeForce GTX 280M GPU, and more.

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  • Shadow703793
    The flames look pretty neat on the laptop. Alas, just like Alienware, the stuff is over priced. How ever, I am interested in what kind of options they offer.
  • tester24
    So he takes his overpriced business model from Alienware and slaps it with a high dollar paint job... Not interested...
  • buwish
    Better than the corporate model that is Alienware today.
  • RazberyBandit
    Bah. I had hopes a boutique would come onto the scene and NOT overprice everything just because it's "custom" or "hand-built" etc. Doesn't seem as though this is it. I'll stick to "hand-building" my own.
  • MRFS
    Oooooo! FLAAAAAAMES!! Just what I need ... LOL!!

  • dankind64
    Just when you thought a boutique computer couldn't get more expensive. Introducing ORIGIN!!!
  • christop
    turbo laptop!!!!!!
  • yang
    way to destroy the sleek look of the obsidian
  • AMDnoob
    i didnt think the desktop price was toooo bad of a deal. i mean dual cards, w/ blu ray drives, and OC'd CPU's (prolly intel i5/i7's) so 1700 isnt bad when you factor in a kick ass case, (hopefully) very good air system, and good wire management.
  • Regulas
    "Wasielewski left the company after Dell's Borg-like acquisition in 2006"