Report: Amazon to Announce Smartphone Today

Today's Amazon event will focus on the unveiling of a few new models of Kindle ereaders. However, it seems Amazon also has something else up its sleeve for today's California event. According to the Verge, the etail giant will also announce its very first smartphone.

Apparently multiple sources have confirmed to the Verge that Amazon is working on a phone that will be shown off at today's event. The Verge's sources say this phone will run a version of the Kindle Fire OS, which is itself based on Android 4.0. Other than these little scraps of details, there isn't much else to report other than the fact that the phone likely won't be available anytime soon. The device is said to be unfinished, so today's event will likely just be a teaser of bigger things to come.

While Amazon's phone isn't quite ready for the market, it's nice to finally be able put all these Amazon smartphone rumors to bed. Amazon is also announcing two new Kindles today, the Kindle Fire 2 and the new Kindle Touch with backlight, so while we might not get much information on this new phone, there will be plenty to talk about. It's been almost a year since the original Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire were announced. Tune in later on for more on today's event!

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  • alexmx
    Now that's some news. Let's see how good/bad this gadget behaves
  • spentshells
  • ikefu
    Cool but... why would you want an Android phone that is handicapped by Amazon locking it down to only their approved apps and app store?