Amazon UK Processing Returns for £199 Wii U Pre-orders

Amazon UK recently listed the Wii U with an availability date of July 14th and a price tag of £199.99, roughly $313. Since then, Amazon has deleted the listing, although not fast enough to beat the Internet. Many people who saw the listing managed to sneak in pre-orders.

As a result, Amazon is issuing refunds along with an apology letter, posted on NeoGAF, that states:

Hello,We're writing to you regarding your order for the Nintendo Wii U console. Your order has been cancelled as this product was listed on in error. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. You will not be charged for your order. If you're interested in ordering the Nintendo Wii U console when it becomes available, you can sign up to receive an email here: hope to see you again soon. Warmest regards, Customer Service Department.

A July 14 release date and £199.99 price point seems like a pipe dream for the console's actual launch, considering Nintendo has been beating around the bush announcing either. Oh well, we can dream.

  • whiteodian
    "A July 14 release date and £199.99 price point seems like a pipe dream for the console's actual launch"

    Definitely seems too early for a launch. The price point seems right. Any more and I think they'd be asking too much.
  • vpoko
    Amazon doesn't charge for an order until it ships, so it's not actually a refund, just an order cancellation.
  • dark_lord69
    Yeah... too early for that to come out and also the price would be pretty low at about $300 USD.
  • chomlee
    Whats funny is how there will be people demanding a WiiU and threaten to sue if they don't get one. "its their mistake, they have to honor that price and delivery!!!!".
  • Pawessum16
    Yup, simply a cancellation. This brings back memories of when Amazon had an old 60gb PS3 model (the best PS3 model Sony ever released in terms of features) for $40 listed on their site. My order along with many others ended in cancellations. In the end it turned out to be a miss-listed move controller from their partner Target.