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Android Commands Over Half of U.S. Smartphone Market

Google's Android platform remains the leader in the U.S. smartphone market with shares representing over 50 percent of the entire market.

ComScore's figures for its August 2012 report, which was collected from more than 30,000 U.S. mobile users, shows that Android increased its market share by 1.7 percent to 52.6 percent.

Apple, meanwhile, enjoyed an increase of 2.4 percent to 34.3 percent with its iOS software. BlackBerry owner Research In Motion experienced another considerable loss with a 3.1 percent market share decrease and an overall share of 8.3 percent.

Microsoft's Windows Phone and Nokia's Symbian operating systems trailed behind RIM with decreases of 0.4 percent each.

On the hardware front, Samsung's share remained at 25.7 percent, while Apple experienced a 2.1 percent increase to 17.1 percent. It should be noted that the latter's market share increase occurred before the iPhone 5 was even announced.

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