Acer to Launch 7- and 10-inch Tablets This Year

Digitimes reports that Acer will launch 7- and 10-inch Android tablets later this year. Both will run Android 2.2 (or Froyo) and be ARM-based. With the advantage of Android 2.2's Flash support, Digitimes reports that these two devices will be multimedia tablets with entertainment capabilities and will debut in Q4. Acer is said to already be in talks with Far EasTone Telecommunications, which suggests the device will have 3G and, dare we hope, may be available subsidized from carriers?

The tablets will be separate to the e-ink ereader Acer introduced in May and the full-color, Qualcomm-powered Android reader it showed off last month at Computex.

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  • kartu
    I don't get what kind of "subsidized" do you hope for, when iphone's / HTC Droid's total cost of ownership in US is 2500-3000, when phones cost less than one third of that.
  • jimslaid2
    I'll take a Wi-Fi only version thank you. I don't need and extra $30 to $40 3g data bill every month just to be able to use it in my car.
  • huron
    While we've seen that these tablets can be fun and good for media and internet connectivity, I still look forward to when they can utilize something like Pixel Qi - so they can last longer and be better e-readers as well. That to me would be fantastic.