This Android Tablet Doesn't Need Glasses for 3D

Rockchip is reportedly showcasing an Android tablet during IFA in September that will support 3D without the need for special glasses. Using autostereoscopic technology, it's speculated to use the same lenticular array as the Nintendo 3DS, and will even provide users the means to adjust the amount of 3D, or turn the feature off altogether.

Called Supernova x1, very little is known about the device, however it looks to be the size of a large smartphone--possibly 3.4-inches using Sharp's recently-announced 3D Touchscreen LCD technology. Images of the device taken at a recent tradeshow definitely show the vertical slits used to create the 3D visuals, however the pattern curves and shift in the photos, depending on the camera's angle.

As for non-3D features, the photos clearly show a MicroSD slot, a USB port, and a volume button on one side. The device was also playing Toy Story 3, SES Astra's 3D channel, some kind of webcam app, photos and more in 3D--all of which wasn't adequately captured by digital cameras.

IFA 2010 kicks off in Berlin on September 3 and ends on the 8th. Expect to see more from this Android-based tablet during that week. To see a whole batch of Supernova x1 screenshots, head here.

  • digitalwitchcraft
  • stingstang's just not cool. This whole smartphone thing is getting out of control.
  • willgart
    doesn't works... the screenshot doesn't works... its 2D

    for a phone, really usefull ;)
    dring dring "hey hello mom, I'm calling you using a 3D phone and this make nice calls!!!"
  • trkorecky's just not cool. This whole smartphone thing is getting out of control.Do we need to point out the number of times the word "tablet" appears on this page?
  • joytech22
    The Ipad is getting it's a** kicked left right and center!
  • someguynamedmatt
    "This Android Tablet Doesn't Need Glasses for 3D As Long As You Hold It Right In Front of Your Face, Perfectly Perpendicularly."
  • eklipz330
    Hey does everyone remember what Nintendo said in their speech at e3 for the 3ds?

    The tried using 3d and touchscreen control in the bottom screen, but said it didn't work very well... So exactly how will they get this to work properly?
  • brother shrike
    3.4 inches is not a large smartphone. That's a small smartphone. Perhaps you meant 4.3 inches?
  • dEAne
    too small for me hope someone will like this.
  • kronos_cornelius
    I would have to look at the screen with my own eyes. If it looks like those 3D DVD covers, it would be a really bad device. However, if it is high resolution to the point that you don't notice the interlacing, it would be worth a try.

    At the moment, it sounds like a toy that will make phone calls, something you would buy for your kid. I don't consider DS, PSP or phone games to be for grown ups. Grown-ups play Fallout 3, Mass Effect and the like.