Anonymous Declares War on Syrian Government Sites

With the Syrian government responsible for the country's recent internet blackout, as well as cutting all telephone lines and blocking flights, online hacking group Anonymous has announced a campaign against the government's websites hosted outside the region.

Anonymous stressed that it has carried out an "exhaustive analysis" of the blackout and came to a conclusion that the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has interrupted both fiber-optic and coaxial cables going into Syria.

"Essentially, they have physically 'pulled the plug out of the wall,'" Anonymous said in a press release. "As we discovered in Egypt, where the dictator Mubarak did something similar -- this is not damage that can be easily or quickly repaired."

Branding the outage as a "desperate move by a dying regime," the infamous online hacktivist group confirmed it would commence a campaign at 6 p.m. PT titled"Operation Syria", which aims to remove all web assets belonging to Assad's government hosted outside the country.

The group said its first target would be all servers belonging to Syrian embassies, beginning with the embassy situated in China. "By turning off the Internet in Syria, the butcher Assad has shown that the time has come for Anonymous to remove the last vestiges of his evil government from the Internet," Anonymous said.

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  • CTT
    Who cares? Maybe if "Anonymous organizes worldwide relief operation via internet" and actually did something worthwhile with their time, as is their 15mins is up.
  • rozz
    You know, for as extreme as these guys are... I like 'em :)
  • axiler
    Go figure.
  • COLGeek
    This will result in absolutely nothing and is nothing more than an empty gesture.
  • emad_ramlawi
    It least there doing something
  • GoldenI
    What people fail to realize is that Anonymous is much more powerful than what they have presented themselves as, and could provide a serious threat if they are rubbed the wrong way. Ever see "Live Free, or Die Hard"? Let's just hope they decide to "Be good".
  • hate machine
    All they can do is DDOS sites because nearly all of the people in this group are 4chan script kiddies doing it for the lulz on /b/.
  • azraa
    Yeah, whatever 'hate machine', you got it.
    Among those guys, the script kiddies, there are Anons that are actual programmers and network specialists. I respect the work they do. Its influence could be pretty much driven to a major scale if they decided to bypass other securities, like tv companies or news sites to spread their message. Information is a weapon.
  • husker
    Whenever Anonymous announces anything, claims anything, or denies anything, how is anyone supposed to believe it is really them? How do we know they really exist? If I found a way to get some message into a media outlet without disclosing my true identity, couldn't I claim to be them?
  • mrmaia
    LOL, as if they could actually do anything harmful.

    It'll be the standard Anonymous routine: they take a site down with a DDoS attack, it goes offline for a couple hours, media splashes "ANONYMOUS DID IT AGAIN" everywhere, they brag and it's over. Meh.