Apple Rumorama: Borders Talks Apple iPAD

The Apple tablet rumors are going to continue for the next few weeks, at least until Apple's September event is upon us, and while no one seems to know anything official about the device, a recent screenshot from a Borders customer survey makes us wonder if the retailer knows something we don’t.

The screenshot below (courtesy of CNet) shows part of a Borders survey focused on understanding the consumer's grasp of ereaders. While it starts of with questions like, "Are you familiar with the Kindle?" The survey goes on to ask if the customer plans to buy a Kindle DX, a Sony ereader, a Plastic Logic ereader or an Apple iPAD in the next year.

Sure this could be Borders keeping its finger on the pulse and including what is considered to be a highly anticipated product in the tech world, however it could also be that the company has been speaking with Apple and is planning to sell the device in stores. Barnes and Noble last month announced a partnership with Plastic Logic and became the first ebookstore for the device. Are Borders and Apple cooking something up? Time will tell.

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[UPDATE] A CNet commenter claims the iPAD option has since been removed from the survey.

  • BallistaMan
    That's the best name they could come up with?
  • zak_mckraken
    Anv I thought that cow was milkev vry long ago...
  • theholylancer
    couldn't it have been iPADD?

  • rtfm
    iPAD sounds like a panty liner....
  • agentjon
    theholylancercouldn't it have been iPADD?
    Because they dropped the display.

  • nocho
    people in boston will be so confused...
    imaginary conversation
    "I want an IPAD." "oh, you like tabletPCs?" "no my old Ipad(ipod) broke."
  • Greg_77 Apple is run by primates!!!!! Those dirty apes!
  • jj463rd
    Apple iPad here a spoof a while ago on Mad TV.
  • teeth_03
    most girls these days use iTampons anyway
  • frozenlead
    Agree with nocho. The term "tablet PC" is now dead, just like the term "MP3 player". They're known as the iPad and iPod, respectively.

    Such BS.