Top 10 List: An April Fool's Day Round Up

Google Translate for Animals.

YouTube text mode.

YouTube had a neat little trick that showed videos in ASCII art. Just add &textp=fool to the end of a YouTube URL and you'll see YouTube videos in a whole new light. Alternatively, you can select any of the videos that appear under Spotlight: Introducing TEXTp header on the YouTube homepage.


Pocket-Lint reported that Canon, Olympus, and Nikon announced a partnership (CON) that would see the three companies create an app store for digital cameras called App-e-ture. The store allows users to force their camera into taking images like a pro and is sure to help gain ground on phone cameras that many believe are damaging compact camera sales.

ThinkGeek's iCade dock for the iPad.

Google changed its name to Topeka.

IGN posted a trailer for the Halo movie series.

One word: Bollywood.

ThinkGeek's programmable tattoo system.

E-Ink tattos that you can change or erase at whim? Yes please!

Google Wave notifications.

They'll send a real person to tell you about new messages.

Reddit Admins for All

Reddit reportedly made everyone an admin for the day.

PopCap announced a new version of Celebrity Bejeweled.

Did you come across any good April fool's jokes? Post them in the comments below!

  • fugfar
    hey! finally a good use for the ipad! that icade thing is genius!
  • jakew120
    World of Warcraft's was okay. The past two years were better in my opinion.
  • Aionism
    I thought YouTube's TEXTp was a real feature and the April Fools joke was the new layout.
  • Shadow703793
    LMAO @ the Halo vid and YouTube text mode.
  • sliem
    Lol @ end of Halo "Finish the Fight!"
    YT textp doesn't work :( though it's almost impossible to do that.
  • rf88he102
    A YouTube 3D would have been funny
  • builderbobftw
    Nobody can beat what I did to my english teacher.

    He's is/was getting fired to do budget cuts.

    I told him I founf that 100K$ was missing formt he teacher's budhget, and there was a huge mkstake.

    He told me to Email it to him, I did, and He presented it to the entire school board.

    It was a rickroll.

    He got fired.
  • megamanx00
    I love the horrible Halo one
  • ivan_chess
    I just trolled 6 people with that Halo spoof! Thanks Toms!
  • Aussiekid
    I got three people with the Halo one and they were actually excited.