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Space Station Toilet Fixed, Astronauts Relieved

According to the New York Times, a pump on the recently installed toilet in the American laboratory, Destiny, broke on Sunday and contaminated part of the system.

Designed to inject chemicals that help separate liquids from solid waste, the pump was a pretty vital piece of the toilet's operation and it being out of commission meant the the seven astronauts from the recently docked Endeavour, were forced to use the toilet on the shuttle. The six members of the ISS crew used a second toilet in the Russian module.

This isn't the first time the toilet on board the space station has been out of order. In May of last year, the toilet on board began to malfunction with the liquid waste disposal part of the unit only working intermittently. A new toilet was delivered to the space station last year and has the added functionality of turning urine into drinkable water.

  • mlcloud
    Urine into drinking water? Now that's one part of the system that must never fail...
  • Ciuy
    Well they should have taken a walk outside, so it behind a meteor or something :))

    its funny hey had to go to the russians hahaha
  • christop
    I feel sooo much better knowing they can shit in space while I can't find a decent job in the us... How much did that cost?? 4 million??
  • spongebob
    Best. Title. Ever!

  • Oh please, NASA and other science programs develop advancements that keep us in the forefront of technology - the stuff that DOES make jobs. One of the reasons we're no longer the ultimate super power is because of a diminishing focus on science. Other countries have taken up the lead and American companies outsource to China and India and research opportunities have gone to the EU.
  • sjwpwrpro
    "Best. Title. Ever!


    I agree that has to one of the best from this site.
  • jerreece
    I want to say to the author, Jane McEntegart, kudos to you on writing a title that was humorous, without crossing that unprofessional line. There was a subtle humor that put a big smile on my face. Yet at the same time, the article was to the point, and not chalk full of elementary school jokes.

    Way to Go.

    Now please share your insight with your cohorts and see if you can help them out. :) Your title was catchy, yet to the point and actually quite factual I'm sure. Nicely done.
  • B-Unit
    christopI feel sooo much better knowing they can shit in space while I can't find a decent job in the us... How much did that cost?? 4 million??Care to explain how exactly not having a toilet on the space station (or not a space station at all) would give you a job?
  • apache_lives
    bet that takes a load off..... literally!
  • christop
    I was just kidding......