Bill Gates is Doing a Reddit AMA Right Now

As Reddit grows in popularity, more and more big names are doing AMAs on the site. For those not in the know, an AMA is an 'Ask Me Anything,' post on Reddit. Famous AMAers in the past have included everyone from Snoop Lion to President Barack Obama.


About an hour ago, former Microsoft CEO and founder Bill Gates added himself to the list with a post titled, "I'm Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. AMA."

Gates explains in his post that while many people know him from his Microsoft days, his full time work these days is with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a private foundation that he runs with his wife Melinda. No doubt many of the questions he gets will be about computers, technology, and the internet (indeed, the top voted question relates to the push against the open and free Internet). Still, it should be an interesting read, so head on over to Reddit and check it out!

As a bonus, Gates decided to answer some of the more important and press questions ahead of time. These include, "How much money is in your wallet?" and "Can I have a million dollars?" Check out the answers to those questions in the video below.

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  • yeungl
    Is that his voice?
  • farrengottu
  • chicofehr
    Q:How much money is in your wallet?
    A:I don't always carry a wallet, um, but I've got one with me and it looks like i got, well, $100.
  • ojas
    Probably ask him why he hasn't encouraged Microshaft's board to fire Ballmer yet.
  • lemlo
    "Did you just bro Bill Gates?" hahaha.. gotta love reddit.
  • dalethepcman
    He answered a lot of questions. That was a good ama.
  • memadmax
    Fir ballmer and have a bonfire with remaining copies of win8......
  • CaedenV
    ojasProbably ask him why he hasn't encouraged Microshaft's board to fire Ballmer yet.Um... maybe because (for better or worse) he likes Balmer. Balmer wasn't exactly new to the company when he was picked. Either Balmer has something he is holding over the board of directors (unlikely), or the board actually likes that Balmer can get things done... whether or not customers like what is being done is an entirely different issue, but you cannot say that Balmer is ineffective.
  • alidan
    if he would answer any question truthfully

    do you think microsoft is being managed properly, and his views on vista and windows 8 metro being default...

    knowing he would never make real statements on those things

    what cherity do you feel gave you the most money for your $, not necessarily the one that had the biggest impact over all, just $ to $ which one was the best.
  • tomfreak
    Can u get back to Microsoft temp and fix windows 8?