First Hands-on Video with BlackBerry 10 Appears Online

BlackBerry maker RIM has been struggling for a while now. However, the company is hoping its upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS will be enough to pull it out of its smartphone funk. We saw some leaked photos of the Z10 earlier this month, with the pictures in question depicting an all-black phone with an apparent front-facing camera at the top and the BlackBerry logo at the bottom. This week brings us a video of the phone in action.

Telekom-Presse this week posted the following video offering an in-depth look at the Z10. The site even included specs for the device, which were previously unknown. According to Telekom-Presse (via Engadget), BlackBerry lovers can expect a 4.2-inch HD display, a dual-core 1.5GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of on-board storage when the phone launches later this year. The video itself is in German, but you should be able to get a good idea of the OS and how it operates even if you don't speak Deutsch.

RIM is slated to introduce BlackBerry 10 and several smartphones at a special event on January 30. It's no big secret that this launch is a make-it-or-break-it scenario for the BlackBerry company struggling to make headway in a market dominated by Google and Apple. Recently RIM revealed falling unit sales and revenue for its third fiscal quarter, saying that it only sold 6.9 million BlackBerry phones, down from 7.4 million in the previous quarter. A meager 255,000 units of its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet were sold in that quarter as well.

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  • pbrigido
    I'm afraid it is too little too late.
  • XYMan
    It looks like the device is well made but didn't they learn that anything but iOS or Android is just dead now? The amount of apps and modding that happened for iOS and Android now just makes anything else obsolete and they should have taken that into consideration when they thought of re-entering a vicious cellphone market.
    The device rocks, but the OS isn't gonna make it which will affect its sales.
  • acadia11
    I've played with the phone live, freaking, awesome. My GF's bro works for RIM, it is true if this phone came out even just a year ago it would have had serious battle iphone, even so, the OS is a huge huge huge huge improvement. It's got some really funky features especially with it's predictive , rather adaptive learning text (pulls up words you seem to often use for you), etc ... it's sweet.

    bb10 , 100% winner, for sure.
  • house70
    I really hope for the best with this device. Looks like the OS is nicely polished, and the hardware is first class.
  • Warsaw
    I'd really like to get this device, still on the fence but this video definitely made me consider this phone for my purchase in the June timeframe
  • GET TO DA CHOPPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hpnotiq
    You sit there and listen to this language you don't understand whatsoever, then suddenly it hits you - DID HE JUST SAY AN ENGLISH WORD I UNDERSTAND?! Camera?! Task Manager?! We do understand each other......