BuzzFeed Heads for the United Kingdom

Popular social news site BuzzFeed is making waves in the UK with a brand new homepage designed specifically for British users. This is the first international site BuzzFeed has offered outside of its regular URL. According to PaidContent, the company has been promoting the launch with a flyer featuring Queen Elizabeth riding a corgi dog in front of a TARDIS.

Speaking to PaidContent, BuzzFeed editorial director Scott Lamb said that the UK homepage was a response to the 'solid audience' the site has in the United Kingdom.

"Social is global. We already had a solid audience in the UK, a place that embraces Twitter and Facebook in a huge way, so it made sense for it to be BuzzFeed’s first foray into international waters," Lamb is quoted as saying. 

The BuzzFeed UK homepage currently contains stories such as 'The Autocomplete Map of the United Kingdom,' '45 Things Every Visitor to London Needs to Know,' '17 London Underground Maps You Never Knew You Needed,' and '39 WTF British Gossip-Mag Cover Lines.'

No word on whether or not BuzzFeed has plans for similar efforts in other countries but we'll keep you posted.

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