UK Website (Briefly) Lists BlackBerry Q10 for March Launch

Though the Blackberry Z10 has been available for a while, diehard Blackberry fans are still waiting for the first Blackberry 10 device with a hardware keyboard. Announced at the same time as the Z10, the Q10 will be the first traditional Blackberry running the company's brand new BB10 operating system. Unfortunately, while the Z10 was released right after the event, the release date for the Q10 was a bit more vague. 

Blackberry says we'll see the device in the spring time; however, other than that, we have no idea on when it will be out. Until today, that is. One UK retailer briefly listed the Q10 on its website with a March release date before quickly pulling mention of the phone off of its website. The Inquirer reports that Carphone Warehouse had listed the phone with an 'Expected March 2013' status on its website.

Unfortunately, there was no indication of price and Carphone went ahead and removed the March 2013 release date and replaced it with the far less specific (but far more common) "Coming Soon." What's more, Blackberry told the Inquirer that the first global carriers will be getting the device in March, which means this one was likely a mistake. Still, we wouldn't be surprised if the phone launched this month on some carriers. After all, the Z10 hit UK and Canadian carriers almost more than a month in advance of the U.S. launch.

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