Run OS X, Linux or Windows on Chrome Notebook

There aren't many Chrome notebooks out there. Google has been sending a select few out to developers and those who signed up for its pilot program, but you can’t buy them at retail stores. Unless you count yourself among the lucky few that got a Cr-48, or work for a tech blog and were sent a review unit, it’s kind of hard to get your hands on one. Still, if you’ve read reviews or had a chance to play with one, you’ll know that Chrome OS is all web-based and completely different to the desktop experience we’re used to.

However, if you’ve do have one of the Cr-48 notebooks and are desperate to run a more full-featured OS, then you’ll be pleased to know that not only is it possible, but you have a choice of Linux, OS X, or Windows 7. Last month we wrote about Ubuntu on the Cr-48, and as of this past week, both OS X and Windows have successfully been installed on a Googlebook.

YouTube user Damis648 has managed to install the two OSes on his Cr-48, though he admits that both run a little slower than he'd like. Considering this puppy is packing an Atom processor with GMA 3150 graphics, it's not surprising to hear it struggles just a tad with OSes heavier than the light-weight Chrome OS from Google. That said, if you can't rest until your Cr-48 is packing Windows 7, check out Damis648's videos below or hit up his guide on the InsanelyMac forums for more info on how to do it yourself.

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  • elcentral
    hackers are the way of the future. altho why wuld you like to do this are the google netbock realy cheap to get ?
  • Doomsy2006
    elcentralhackers are the way of the future. altho why wuld you like to do this are the google netbock realy cheap to get ?

    If you sign up for the pilot program they are FREE! So ya I'd call that cheap.
  • Doomsy2006
    but that is if you get sent one. Not everyone that signs up gets a Googlebook.