Compal Recieves Nokia Order for 100K Booklets

Digitimes today reports that Compal Electronics has received an order for 100,000 netbooks from Nokia. Nokia detailed its Booklet 3G at Nokia World, Stuttgart yesterday morning and to everyone's surprise the device is priced at over $810. While this price tag is expected to be heavily subsidized by carriers, it hasn't stopped people from declaring that the device is much too expensive for a netbook.

According to Digitimes, Nokia's price point aims to avoid stiff competition presented by the already very crowded netbook space. How much would you pay for the device? Peep the specs below and let us know what you think it's worth.

*Image Credit: Digitimes

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  • ubernoobie
    I wonder how many will be sold....hmm
  • tpi2007
    It doesn't even have a 5400 rpm hard drive! 4200 rpm ? 800 $ ? Are they serious ?

    I would never buy something like this for the asked price, even if it is subsidized - which I doubt - I already read somewhere else carriers find it difficult to subsidize because Nokia is going to be offering it's own services.

    It does have a Z530 at 1.6 instead of a Z520 at 1.3, but even that isn't enough. The GMA 500 is inferior in performance to the 950 and the other netbook makers are already achieving 10 hours of battery life with the new N280, so what's the point in buying this just for 12 hours of battery life compared to 10 ?

    Come on! I have a nokia phone, but they're entering a saturated market with established players. Asus, Acer, MSI and even Toshiba with the new NB200 all make fine netbooks - and fine looking too - for a lot less cash.

    Sure it has HDMI and GPS, but it this really worth having in a netbook ? What kind of content would you have on a netbook that would require/benefit being transmitted over hdmi instead of VGA ? Audio ? Sure, but is this worth the asking price ?

    And GPS ? Are you going to be looking at the screen in the drivers seat while driving ? Accident waiting to happen. I can understand it in a phone, which can double as a small screen gps inside a car if you stick it into an adapter on the windshield, and take it with you while walking, but what's the point of having it in a netbook ?

    I would rather connect my cell phone with gps via bluethooth to the Netbook for the times when I need GPS on a bigger screen. For that price I could actually buy a phone with gps AND a Netbook!
  • cekasone
    Putting the minor perks aside like HDMI out, higher resolution screen, bigger battery and Windows 7. I would pay 300 bucks just as I would any other netbook out there.