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Battlefield 3 Beta Hacked, Accounts May Be Banned

If you build it, they will hack it.

That seems to be the new motto for EA's Battlefield 3 beta, as server files were recently leaked, modified, and then used to launch rogue servers outside EA's official network. These rogue servers are now playing host to variants of the beta, some of which crank up the simultaneous multiplayer support on the Operation Metro map (in RUSH mode) from the original 32 to an insane 128 gun slinging gamers.

Naturally EA and DICE aren't happy, and the latter is now threatening to swing its almighty banhammer on anyone participating in these unofficial sessions. In short, players could be banned from EA's required online service, Origin, and any games associated with their account. The problem is that these servers are showing up with the legitimate ones in the official Battlelog-- anyone can connect thinking the setup is an official configuration instead of a hacker's funhouse. That said, an accidental click could result in a ban from a long list of legitimately purchased games.

"We are aware that a number of servers have appeared and are running game modes and player counts that have not currently been seen," the company said in a forum statement that has since been removed. "Please try to remain on the official servers. Please avoid temptation and remain on -the] official servers while we work to have these [rogue] servers dealt with. Playing on those servers can cause your account to become compromised, stats to be altered or other issues to arise which may lead to having your account banned by EA."

"If your account gets banned, it does mean any EA games you have on your account would also be unavailable," DICE added.

Just recently EA followed Sony's lead regarding the PlayStation Network and modified its Terms and Conditions for the Origin service, forbidding users from filing class action lawsuits against the company. The new ToS now compels users to "expressly waive the right to a trial by jury or to participate in a class action." All disputes that cannot be straightened out through "informal negotiations" will be "finally and exclusively resolved by binding arbitration."

Fun times for PC gamers.