The UK Prime Minister Gets His Own App

Back in December of 2011, word got out that Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was on track to get his own personal iPad application, and it seems the rumors were true. The Next Web reports receiving confirmation from classifieds ad search engine Adzuna. Apparently Adzuna's job and housing market data is being used in the app, which is designed to keep the PM up to date with real-time access to key public data.

The app apparently took a year to make and TNW writes that it was built in-house by the Cabinet Office digital team and was released in beta last month. Details on the app itself are scarce, though it's thought to be a web app as opposed to an application specific to the iPad and includes data on employment, housing, regional salaries, as well as data from external services such as search engines and Twitter. It won't just be used by David Cameron. Apparently different personnel from different government departments will also be using it to track data on certain topics.

This isn't David Cameron's first forary into the world of apps, smartphones and tablets. In fact, just last year, 10 Downing Street announced that it had officially joined Foursquare and LinkedIn. The Office of the Prime Minister said that Cameron would be using the Foursquare account to check into official functions, while visitors and tourists could obtain information by checking-in at Downing Street's location. This year, Cameron himself joined Twitter

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