BioWare Reveals SW:TOR Early Game Access Details

Monday BioWare explained how Early Game Access for Star Wars: The Old Republic will work. As reported earlier, EA and the developer said that the Jedi-themed MMOG would initially have a limited release so that the servers wouldn't be bogged down by a huge wave of heavy traffic. But as an incentive for pre-purchasing the upcoming game, EA promised consumers a chance to experience the Star Wars saga before the gates officially open to the public on December 20.

"Many of you have been wondering how long Early Game Access will last, and we are now happy to announce that depending on when you redeem your Pre-Order Code, you will gain Early Game Access up to five days before the official game launch date," BioWare said Monday.

"Early Game Access is staggered over five days to ensure a quality experience for players at launch," the studio added. "Staggering access aids server stability and a gradual increase in player population through the game. Early Game Access will be granted according to when your Pre-Order Code is redeemed at the Code Redemption Center."

BioWare points out that there's still time to pre-order the game by heading to the company's Pre-Order page. Consumers can also watch the Collector’s Edition Unboxing video for "a peek inside this highly coveted edition of the game."

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  • xAlex79
    About four weeks to go! I'm pumped!
  • Yargnit
    So how confident can we be if we redeemed our boxed set CE preorder early the morning of July 21 (the day preorders opened) of making it it into the 1st group getting in on the 15th? Now is when I have to put in for time off those days, and working retail, requesting off the week right before Christmas isn't going to exactly make my manager jump for joy. :/
  • pwnorbpwnd
    I want it. Huge star wars fan here..