Boost Your iPhone Speaker With the Eco-Amp

Passive amplifying of smartphones seems to be pretty popular nowadays, with devices such as the iBamboo speaker dock and DIY methods such as placing your iPhone in a bowl. This particular passive amplifier by Eco Made, is quite interesting, seeing as how it is made completely out of recyclable paper. Dubbed the Eco-Amp, this passive amp is die-cut from 100% consumer chipboard.

Like an origami kit, the Eco-Amp comes as a flat piece of paper that you get to transform into a neat little sound booster for your iPhone speaker. Seeing as how the amp is pretty much just a piece of paper that you have to build yourself, the $8 price tag may seem a little bit steep. Regardless, the Eco-Amp is a neat little concept that is perfect if you are looking for a convenient, easy-to-setup boost in sound.


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  • aftcomet
    What's funny and sad is this concept has more innovation than all of Apple.
  • Pennanen
    Folded piece of cardboard for 8$!?!?!? Oh wait its apple, idiots going to buy it anyways :D
  • danwat1234
    I heard of this about a month ago from somewhere, watched a video
    EDIT: Oh it was the plastic passive amplifier for the ipad, a bit different than this cardboard one