Adobe Promises Best Tools in the World for HTML5

The whole Apple vs. Adobe thing has been going on for weeks and it all started when Steve Jobs said the world was moving toward HTML5. With a comment like that, it sounded like Steve believed it was a case of either Adobe or HTML5 and that the web wasn't big enough for both of them to thrive. However, Adobe is of a different frame of mind.

Speaking at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch pledged support for the new version of HTML. Responding to a question posed by host Brady Forrest who asked how Adobe would react to HMTL5, Lynch replied that his company would build the best tools for HTML5.

"I wouldn’t say reacting to HTML5. We see whatever people are using to express themselves. … We’re going to make great tooling for HTML5. We’re going to make the best tools in the world for HTML 5," he declared. "It’s not about HTML 5 vs Flash. They’re mutually beneficial. The more important question is the freedom of choice on the web."

Lynch goes on to criticize Apple for trying to create a walled garden and said that when it comes to the issue Apple has with Adobe, it's not that the technology doesn’t work, it's that it does. The CTO added that being the only company that isn't participating isn't exactly a favorable position to be in at the end of the day.

"We’re working through the Open Screen Project. Have over 70 partners working with Adobe on that," Lynch explained. "There’s a lot of great devices coming out over the course of the second half of this year and next year, going forward. All the innovation coming from all those companies will dwarf what’s coming from that one company that isn’t participating."

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  • matt87_50
    "The more important question is the freedom of choice on the web"


    I don't care if HTML5 works while using no battery and cures cancer in the background while Flash causes brain haemorrhaging! let people choose for them selves!!!
  • Core2uu
    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
  • war2k9
    Adobe it is a smart move. Apple cannot say your product sucks.
  • crinky
    i'm starting to like adobe more and more
  • anamaniac
    And Newgrounds lives on!

    Will Adobe make a way to port Flash to HTML5?
  • randomizer
    Adobe will build the most bloated tools as well.
    RIP Adobe Flash. Lets find a way to kill off Shockwave while we're at it, too.
  • ravewulf
    Well duh. Adobe is only the biggest there is when it comes to digital tools for artists. Their Creative Suits products range from photo, video, audio, flash, web pages, etc. Adobe not supporting HTML5 is frankly unthinkable.
  • silversurfernhs
    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
  • schmich
    I really dislike people talking that Flash is dead or needed when not even big Google can get Youtube to play VIDEO properly with HTML5. It either doesn't work at all, doesn't have fullscreen unless you run some type of weird nightly build of a specific browser or is missing most of its newer features.

    And don't get me started on Flash games and other applications. Flash is going nowhere even the day Adobe releases the perfect HTML5 developing tool. It might lose "market share" over time but won't die just like that. It's the same for IE6 and the same reason there won't be an iPhone killer. Something that is popular does never die overnight.