Galaxy Nexus Owners Complain of Volume Issues

The Galaxy Nexus launched last week, on November 17, in the United Kingdom. The device is currently not available anywhere else, which might actually be a good thing, considering the rocky start the phone is having. According to a poll over on XDA Developers, 60 percent of Galaxy Nexus users are seeing the volume on their phone go up and down of its own accord, a bug they're calling the Self Aware Volume Ghost (SAV-Ghost).

The exact cause of the issue is unknown at this point. Neither Google nor Samsung have commented on the problem but users over on XDA says it happened more frequently during phone calls, or when the radio is being switched from 3G to 2G, or in areas of poor signal, and only on phones that use 900Mhz for 2G coverage, which is the majority of Europe. Users are reporting that the issue only occurs when the phone is operating on 2G, but that when it does, it makes the phone almost unusable. Alerts are missed when the volume decides to turn itself all the way down and we'd imagine that the opposite (the phone switching itself to full volume) is similarly bothersome. Check the video below to see the bug in action:

Again, since there's no word from Google or Samsung regarding this issue, it's hard to know what will happen to users who have purchased this phone. The folks over at XDA believe it's a hardware problem and are expecting a recall. However, it's also possible that this whole thing could be fixed with a software update. Fingers crossed, eh?

Head on over to XDA to read more about the problem.

  • Tedders
    Software update.... hmmm, wonder how that one will work. OTA?
  • lockhrt999
    loose contact?
  • Chef_Boyardee
    Self-aware. Ha.
  • dargon_supreme
    I believe it is a hardware problem... Maybe it can be fixed with a sofware update, but not without adding a considerable lag to the volume control buttoms.
  • Jerky_san
    Wish I could actually buy one of them..
  • Netherscourge
    Funny, I don't have this problem on my iPhone 4S...
  • psp09
    This is the thing with the brand new stuff. Is better wait a couple of months before buying. At least i do that and works for me.
  • phexac
    Good luck getting this fixed. After the disaster that was Samsung's Galaxy S GPS issue, I have zero faith in their ability and willingness to do anything about this.
  • rpmrush
    The CDMA version won't have this issue and will be 32Gb..hurry the eff up Verizon!
  • osxsier
    Lol, typical crappy Android phone. My iPhone 4S also destroys this phone in the graphics department. Not to mention I have alot better option with games. Oh yeah, enjoy your 427% explosion of malware on the Android market place.

    I do find it ironic that most of you here would be blasting the iPhone if this happened. Yet some of you buffoons cant wait to buy this defective POS.