Sony, Intel, Google to Announce Line of TVs in May

Back in March, the New York Times reported that Google, Sony and Intel would team up to develop a new platform called Google TV. Citing people familiar with the matter, NYT said the collaboration would result in a new generation of web connected televisions and settop boxes that would make it easy for people to access the likes of Twitter and Picasa from their living rooms.

Bloomberg today reports that Sony will next month announce a new line of home-entertainment devices that use Intel chips and Google software. Citing two people familiar with the matter (people familiar with the matter know everything these days), Bloomberg's Ian King, Tim Culpan and Cliff Edwards write that the three companies plan to discuss the new products at a conference sponsored by Google in San Francisco on May 19 and May 20.

While the finer details have yet to be worked out, Intel is said to be supplying a customized version of its Atom processor, while Google is providing a brand spanking new version of Android calling Dragonpoint. Logitech will provide a keyboard-remote control combo.

The joint business venture is supposed to help Sony get a leg up on the competition while allowing Intel to spread it's chips around and enter markets other than that of the personal computer.

Google, Intel and Sony declined to comment on Bloomberg's report.

Read the full report here.

  • bloody llama
    I don't understand how this is better than just a dedicated computer and a dedicated TV. Because this Google / Intel / Sony TV surely isn't going to be as good as a good pc or a good TV.
  • drutort
    im sure it will win the ease of use, and the fact that it works out of the box as well as being probably quite low on power consumption

    the setup box can be optimized in hardware just for the right use, so maximized in hardware for the cost and power consumption
  • mirazh1976
    Complete with some sort of spy on the users habits hardware/software I am sure.
  • buzznut
    Does "people familiar with the matter," really mean people-who-signed-a-non-disclosure-agreement-but-willing-to-spill-the-beans-anyway?
  • babachoo
    Google is evil. Avoid them and their products and services at all costs.
  • JonathanDeane
    This may provide for some neat smart phone like features for a TV but I am failing to see the real draw to pay more money for one of these VS a normal TV. Maybe there will be some features we don't yet know about hmmmm now my imagination is going crazy. I wonder if they will try to fund these like they do cell phones? some sort of plan and they knock 400$ off the price of the TV.... but what would they add?
  • Lutfij
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - mor televizon!!!!! |___|
  • DjEaZy
    ... Sony + Google + Intel = TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION!!! ... no privacy from google and and power to do so from intel... and in the other corner could be apple and/of MS + MS Bing + AMD/ATi... ATi Xileon is in some TV's...
  • anamaniac
    I don't even have cable TV right now.
    How about Samsung though? I like them a hell of a lot more than Sony. They make the quality of products I want and can still afford (somewhat).
    Screw Intel though. I wonder if this is just another push for a Atom. I hate that chip...
  • babachoo
    It's funny how my comment about Google being evil got immediately voted down and censored. It's true, you people are just too stupid to realize it.