Google Lets You Upload Any File to Google Docs

Vijay Bangaru, Product Manager for Google Docs yesterday announced that Google Docs now supports files up to 250 MB in size (larger than the attachment limit on most email applications), which means Google Docs users can now store backups of large graphic files, RAW photos and ZIP archives on the cloud.

The news comes at a time when Google is trying to instill in users a confidence regarding cloud storage. A lot of people are wary of trusting the cloud as their sole storage solution. It's this kind of thinking that Google will need to overcome if its Chrome OS, which stores everything in the cloud, is to be successful.

Read the full post from Vijay Bangaru here.

  • sliem
    Alright! Time to backup my precious family photos for free!
  • gamerjames
    Maybe I am too paranoid but I just don't trust cloud computing.
  • sliem
    gamerjamesMaybe I am too paranoid but I just don't trust cloud computing.
    only if you are rich, famous or powerful
  • amarok
    Great...another way for pirates to share illegal files.

    I see before me the avatar movie in disquise..
    1) mm part 1 - 250mb
    2) mm part 2 - 250mb
    3) mm part 3 - 200mb

    and they can probably get away with it, because the numb-nuts at mpaa/ifpi and what have you, are afraid to go against google with their billion dollars wallet and herd of scum lawyers..
  • Grims
    I don't much care until they allow you to connect to it with a virtual drive.
  • zerapio
    Sounds great. I wouldn't trust Google's privacy settings too much so just be sure to encrypt those files before uploading.
  • fulle
    So, Amarok is upset because a movie is only going to make a couple BILLION dollars? Yeah, I can see the point... that is pretty horrible. I think all movies should make a kahjillion-million dollars, never lose their licensing royalties, and have even more advertisements at their start. Because right now, making several billion dollars on a motion picture just isn't fair. What if James Cameron wanted to purchase a small country? Now he can't, because you freaking pirates are ripping Hollywood off. You should all be ashamed! And Google having lawyers is a sure admittance that they are in fact, an evil multinational corporation bent on world domination...
  • dgarman
    The hard facts here as along as people can share files, Pirating will be abundant. Kill Torrents, ok people will go back to p2p in another format or go back to leeching from irc servers (like they ever stopped). Kill that they'll go back to newsgroups. Can you really ever kill this beast? No, find a affordable alternative ala Netflix, gamefly, what have you and they'll always make money.
  • ncr7002
    The cloud is what the Mayans foresaw, that's what's causing the apocalypse on 2012.
  • Parrdacc
    Well of course Google allows this. Hey, the more information they can get the better for them. The question should be what are they going to do with it and is it still yours or now Googles? Big brother just seems to be getting bigger.