Google Rumored to Have iOS 6 Maps App Ready to Go

Earlier this year, at WWDC, Apple revealed that it would say goodbye to Google Maps with iOS 6 and instead turn to its own proprietary mapping solution for mobile users. However, as people upgraded to iOS 6 this week, the buggy nature of Apple's own mapping application has come to light. So what now? Apple has said things will get better with time, but fresh rumors say Google may come to the rescue with its own app.

The Guardian cites sources that say Google is preparing a Google Maps app for iOS 6. These sources say the app will "appear in time" in the App Store. Reporting this news yesterday afternoon, 9to5 Mac said it had heard that an updated iOS 6 version of the Google had been submitted to Apple for approval.

Google hasn't confirmed or denied rumors that it is developing (or has submitted) a Maps app for iOS 6, but Apple journalist Jim Dalrymple over at The Loop says it isn't true. In a post titled, 'On the rumor that Google has submitted an iOS 6 Maps app and Apple is sitting on it,' Dalrymple simply writes, 'Nope.' 

If Google does have a Maps application pending, it's likely Apple won't approve it because it duplicates a function already available via iOS. However, we imagine there are plenty of iOS 6 users hoping these rumors are true and eager to bring Google Maps back to iOS.

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  • aftcomet
    Screw iOS, the very last Maps update broke Latitude for me on my S3. Fix that.
  • busuan
    I am 99% sure Google will not abandon the iPhone/iPad market; that would be stupid (not to be too blunt.)
    As for removing Google map from iOS6, I don't believe that's a casualty of Samsung/Apple law suite. More likely, it was because Cook and Page could not reach a deal. If one digs slightly deeper into iOS6, one would see a much more tightly integrated map functions within iOS, which would be impossible with Google map since that demands Google to open up too much of its data set.
    *6 Months ago*
    Page, "I'd ask $1.5b for that and a seat on your board of directors."
    Cook, "No way! TomTom charges $10mil, nothing else."
    Page, "Well, go for it, give them a try."
    Cook, "O, s***, I've nought a lemon."
  • arceighty
    Very bad move by Apple if they don't approve Google Maps for iOS. Apple's new map app is in its early beta version to say the least.
  • nuvon
    Apple should allow Google Map for iOS 6. This is what most people have been using, and it gives choices for its customer.
  • ELMO_2006
    I've got a gut feeling that *ANY* Google App for that matter will not be available via iTunes as Apple will shut them down.
  • freggo
    Not to sound anti Apple...

    Microsoft making installation of an alternative browser difficult NOT ok,
    but Apple clearly shutting out competitors from their hardware is perfectly acceptable ?

  • flaxx
    I have been happy with each iteration of iOS, but this latest one has been very disappointing, almost entirely because of the Maps app. I cannot believe how clunky and unrefined it is. Apple was talking about abandoning Google Maps since talks of iOS 4, and I honestly think Jobs was the reason Apple didn't follow through. I find it ironic that right after Jobs died, they pulled the trigger on Google Maps.
  • nocteratus
    I just upgraded my iphone4 to iOS 6 and I'm very disappointed. Now I'm thinking of changing my iphone 4 for a SGIII.
  • victorious 3930k
    freggoNot to sound anti Apple...Microsoft making installation of an alternative browser difficult NOT ok,but Apple clearly shutting out competitors from their hardware is perfectly acceptable ?
  • teh_chem
    I can't wait until people stop talking about maps in iOS6.