Google Said to Be Working on 'X' Phone with Motorola

Google has produced multiple Google-brand smartphones (as well as a couple of tablets) over the last few years. Since it was launched, the Nexus line has included handsets from HTC, Samsung, and LG. However, it seems Google may be using the recently-acquired Motorola for its next phone.

Unwired View reports that the Wall Street Journal's usual "people familiar with the matter" have been whispering away about a new product from Google-owned Motorola. These people say Motorola engineers are hard at work on a "sophisticated" handset codenamed 'X phone.' The aim is to create a phone that will be able to go toe-to-toe with handsets like Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy line of smartphones.

It's not clear if this new device will be a Nexus-brand phone, but it won't be a Droid handset. Though features were not detailed by The Wall Street Journal's sources, Motorola's Dennis Woodside apparently wants a team that will do something that differs from current approaches. Woodside says he's investing in the team and technology necessary to do just that.

The phone itself is apparently due out next year, and while CES might be a touch too soon to hope for any news, there's a possibility that we'll hear something about this phone at Mobile World Congress in February of 2013.

Google is currently struggling to meet demand for its recently-announced Nexus 4 smartphone. Manufactured by LG, the device's low price means it has seen extremely high demand, and Google has had issues keeping the phone in stock.
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  • halcyon
    Its gonna have to be quite good to compete against whatever voodoo the dark-arts engineers at Samsung are surely brewing. 2013 is gonna be a fun year.
  • hate machine
    I read somewhere else that they got this thing going into production already but are having problems at the supply chain level. Hopefully I can dig up the article. All rumors and he said she said though...
  • whiteodian
    "Google is currently struggling to meet demand for its recently-announced Nexus 4 smartphone."
    This is an understatement. I wish I had more info on this Moto phone such as specs and cost.