Google: Initial Phone Search is Final Choice for Consumers

Google has revealed its research findings on how particular factors affect the launch of a smartphone, which points towards consumers who search for a handset ultimately seeing that device being the one they end up purchasing.

According to author Matt Seitz, the senior analytical lead at the Google Agency Blog, searches apparently predicts smartphone sales “with over 90 percent correlation throughout the launch cycle.”

Due to obtaining the data in question, the company has discovered the most important factors determining whether or not a smartphone will launch to a substantial user base, or to an audience that isn't aware of the device's existence or simply doesn't care.

Generating buzz well before a smartphone's launch is an effective method of maintaining interest among consumers. An extra 1,000 news stories leading up to launch is said to result in a 9 percent boost in sales.

52 percent of purchase-related searches occur before the launch of a device. Consequently, the earlier a firm markets its phone, the better the product's chance in succeeding commercially.

Google added that for every million views a product video receives in the week leading up to its release, an extra 11 percent boost will be applied to sales figures. According to its research, the search engine giant also learned Thursday and Friday release dates generally delivers the best results.

Users are showing a considerable interest in learning about smartphones on their smartphones itself. An additional 25,000 mobile searches will increase sales of smartphones by 17 percent during launch week, which grows to 20 percent a month after the device's launch.

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  • devBunny
    Excellent. I shall put all this information to good use when I launch my new phone. :-)
  • deftonian
    Thank you Zak... news filler at it's finest. I will remember this for my next big phone launch -_-
  • deftonian
    ... and the glory goes to DevBunny :( I was a little slow with my typing