Party: Beijing Residents Celebrate Green Dam Win

Originally supposed to be a boycott party in protest of the mandatory Green Dam software the Chinese government announced it would ship on every computer sold in mainland China after July 1, the gathering later turned into a celebration upon hearing news that the deadline had been pushed back.

Reuters reports that Chinese web users flooded to an art zone cafe on Wednesday to celebrate the delay with a traditional Chinese breakfast and to plan an all day party. However, despite the happy atmosphere, Reuters cites party-goers who were nervous about attending an event "that was a direct, if light-hearted, rebuke to a government wary of public challenges to its control."

"I am a little bit nervous, but I felt it was very important that I find the strength to come," said painter Zang Yi according to Reuters.

China yesterday announced that it was delaying the Green Dam roll out and while it’s being branded a victory for the people of China, claims the delay is because some PC makers were having difficulty meeting the deadline. In other words, the Green Dam plan isn’t dead yet.

Do you think China would ever drop the Green Dam idea completely because of backlash from internet users?

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  • bk420
    Population Control Software......communism at its "best"....
  • SAL-e
    bk420Population Control Software......communism at its "best"....

    And what is Warrantless Wiretapping in USA?
    Secret Trade agreement that include provision that custom will search your laptop and MP3 player when you travel:
    I think before we start lecture China we need to take care about home problems first.
  • tommysch
    Like that crapware isnt going to be relatively easy to crack/remove... The Chinese dont know how to engineer stuff anyway, they just copy any cheap american software they happen to their hands on.