HP Confirms Printer, PC Groups Merger

HP has confirmed reports that it plans to shove its Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) division into the Personal Systems Group (PSG) lead by Todd Bradley. The combined entity will officially be called the Printing and Personal Systems Group, and as reported on Tuesday, Vyomesh Joshi, executive vice president of IPG, will be leaving the company.

On Wednesday HP said that Joshi will be retiring after a 31-year career at HP. Under Joshi’s leadership, IPG has grown revenue from $19 billion to $26 billion, and doubled its operating profit to approximately $4 billion.

"VJ embodies the spirit of HP and his impact on the company has been tremendous," said Meg Whitman, president and chief executive officer, HP. "Under his leadership, IPG accelerated innovation and pioneered solutions that transformed the printing market. We wish him the very best as he embarks on a new chapter in his life."

The newly christened Printing and Personal Systems Group (PPSG) is part of HP's "organizational realignment" to improve performance and drive profitable growth across the entire HP portfolio. HP said that combining these two entities will rationalize HP’s go-to-market strategy, branding, supply chain and customer support worldwide.

"This will lead to a better customer experience and drive innovation across personal computing and printing," the company explained on Wednesday. "This realignment is expected to provide opportunities for cost savings and accelerate HP’s ability to pursue profitable growth and reinvest in the business."

In addition to the new PPSG, HP said it is also taking steps to unify and streamline certain key business functions. The Global Accounts Sales organization will join the HP Enterprise Group led by David Donatelli which now includes Enterprise Servers, Storage, Networking and Technology Services.

HP also plans to unify its Marketing functions across business units under Marty Homlish, executive vice president and chief marketing officer. HP’s Communications employees worldwide will be similarly unified under Henry Gomez, executive vice president and chief communications officer. The company is even moving the Global Real Estate function from Finance into Global Technology and Business Processes.

"Ensuring we have the right organizational structure in place is a critical first step in driving improved execution, and increasing effectiveness and efficiency," Whitman stated. "The result will be a faster, more streamlined, performance-driven HP that is customer focused and poised to capitalize on rapidly shifting industry trends."

  • jdamon113
    HP is such bullshit.
  • zorky9
    The merged division will not be called the Printing and Personal Systems Group.
    The combined entity will officially be called the Printing and Personal Systems Group

    make up your mind. :)
  • kentlowt
    The only thing that is bs is the part about improving customer service. Of course I don't know of any computer related company that has any customer service to begin with. It seems like a foreign idea to companies now days.
  • Onus
    Sounds a lot like rock-painting to me.
    HP needs to remember it is a PRINTER company first. I just hope aligning printers with personal computers means they will get their Universal Fail drivers working.
  • ubercake
    How about this?...

    A touchscreen PC/Printer all-in-one with print drivers you don't have to re-install every three months.

  • captaincharisma
    well good thing i got that epson printer a few weeks ago instead of a HP
  • Onus
    Sad how few comments there have been; just shows how irrelevant HP is becoming.
  • f-14
    i quit buying and recommending HP products when they started requiring bloatware software just to install a driver to make their product work.
    i will have to switch completely to konica minolta printers now that kodak is done for.
  • Slickrick214
    jdamon113HP is such bullshit.
    Pff better than shitty Dell with their shitty parts. I've had both and Dells were nothing but trouble and the HP's/ Compaq's have been pretty much problem free for years. The only problem I've had with HP is a crashed HDD which could happen to anyone.
  • eddieroolz
    HP printers, especially the enterprise oriented ones are actually quite nice.