Heroes of Newerth Game Goes All Heroes Free

Heroes of Newerth is looking to distinguish itself from the already-crowded multiplayer online battle arena MOBA genre.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the genre, it's a term coined by Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends, to describe the type of gameplay where two opposing teams attempt to terminate the other's base by running up three different lanes and destroying defense towers.

To compete with the wildly-popular League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth went free-to-play last year. Now, with DotA 2 on the edge of release as another entry into the MOBA free-to-play slugfest, Heroes of Newerth is making all of its heroes free-to-own as of July 20th.

The goal behind this initiative, called "All Heroes Free", is to attract more players to the game and, according to director Pi Liu, "level the eSports playing field, as all players will be able to build their skills and advance their strategies with any hero they choose."

Those who purchased a hero on and after July 5th will be issued a refund. Those who have spent money previously on the game will receive a free Mecha Gemini avatar, a move which is sure to ire many Heroes of Newarth Legacy players who dropped money to have the advantage of being able to play all heroes in-game.

It'll be interesting to see whether the new player base will be enough to offset the costs of running and maintaining the game. After all, purchasing heroes was the crux of Heroes of Newerth's free-to-play model. Vanity items such as alternative skins will still be available for  purchase, but will it be enough?

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  • xaed
    LoL (pun intended), looks like there's a game that's having trouble keeping up with LoL.
  • whimseh
    League of Legends is still the best.
  • The_Trutherizer
    HoN is a great game plagued by a poor/greedy free-to-play implementation.
  • fantasticles
    Used to be active in HoN a while back, then Dota 2 happened :)
  • The_Trutherizer
    BTW... I played the original DotA for 4 years, HoN from launch till a few months back a bit of LoL and now Dota2 for months already. And I can say that in my opinion Valve knows how to do free-to-play and create a good game in general.
  • GNCD
    a bit too late for that. now it's going to be LoL vs Dota2.
  • cypeq
    DotA 2 and LoL are kind of two different creatures in moba mechanics I think they would both stand tall.
    LoL appeals to younger audiance while DotA 2 to thoes who remember wc3 and first diablo ^_^
    LoL with it's good f2p system DotA 2 with huge character customisations and who knows what will earn it's money even more DotA 2 is this same old map we loved in warcraft 3.

    HoN will have it's problem because it was really just clone of DotA and it's heroes and their business models failed to attract large audience till now I don't honestly think it will be better after release of DotA 2 to the public.

    There is about 60k players constantly online in beta of DotA 2 and It's obvious the game will blow up to milion of so after release.
  • aggroboy
    cypeqThere is about 60k players constantly online in beta of DotA 2 and It's obvious the game will blow up to milion of so after release.Honestly I wouldn't bet on it.

    DOTA 2 has much more hardcore appeal than LoL. The same hardcore tag will really limit its adoption by casual audience. It's been maybe 8 years since the explosion DOTA AS, so DOTA 2 has to prove itself again to a new generation of gamers.
  • LoL and DOTA 2 are so much better than HoN. The only saving grace for HoN is linux and mac compatibility.
  • leongrado
    LoL and DOTA 2 are different games and anyone who has played both games would realize that. Hate to break it to you but it takes so much more effort to play DOTA 2 than LoL which is one of the main reasons I play LoL. It just takes so much less effort and thinking because you can usually do pretty well if you know what you're doing. Always get may ass kicked when I jump into DOTA 2 on occasions.