Apple Acquires Transit Navigation Company HopStop

Apple last week confirmed its acquisition of Locationary, a location data company based out of Toronto, which presumably it presumably plans to use to beef up Apple Maps. However, it seems Apple is on something of a shopping spree, as the Cupertino-based company this week revealed that it had purchased yet another company.

AllThingsD reports that it received confirmation from Apple that it has purchased transit-navigation service HopStop. According to its website, HopStop offers transit information and navigation for 300 cities around the world. This includes information for public transit, walking, biking, and taxiing your way around. Apple told AllThingsD that it had acquired the company but failed to disclose any details of the acquisition.

Apple last year stepped away from Google Maps and began shipping iPhones with its own solution, Apple Maps, installed. Though the application got off to a rocky start, it's improving and the purchase of services like Locationary and HopStop could go a long way toward improving the app.

  • lamorpa
    All the cool people use mass transit.
  • house70
    Knowing them, Apple is mainly trying to block other's access to these companies' databases (locationary, HopStop and whatever other little guy they decide to swallow). Too bad for them the information is public knowledge, so they can go on and blow as much money in the wind as they like, LOL.