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Mozilla Sends Cake to Microsoft IE Team for IE10 Congrats

Microsoft last week officially launched Windows 8, the latest iteration of its Windows operating system. Somewhat overshadowed by the launch of Microsoft's new desktop OS was the launch of Internet Explorer 10, which ships with Windows 8. However, one company that didn't let the IE10 launch go by unnoticed was Mozilla.


That's right, the team behind one of IE10's biggest competitors last week sent the Internet Explorer team a cake to celebrate the launch of IE10. Programmer and Mozilla employee Matt Brubeck on Friday updated his personal blog with a photo of the cake Mozilla delivered to Microsoft's Internet Explorer team.

"Back when Firefox 2 was released (six years ago this week!), the Internet Explorer team started a friendly tradition of sending Mozilla a cake as congratulations," writes Brubeck. "This continued for Firefox 3 and Firefox 4. After Firefox switched from major releases once or twice a year to incremental updates every six weeks, they sent us a cupcake for the next few updates instead."

Mr Brubeck writes that he decided to revive the tradition for the launch of IE10 with a Firefox cake from Baked Custom Cakes. The IE10 team tweeted their thanks and the cake was consumed in the space of about 30 minutes.

Isn't it lovely when everyone get's along?

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