74 Percent of IT Pros Admit to Network Snooping

A recent study by Cyber-Ark has revealed that an increasing number of IT professionals are using their administrative powers to access information not relevant to their role.

Cyber-Ark surveyed 400 IT professionals about how they use their privileged accounts. The survey found that 64 percent of UK IT professionals admitted to accessing information not relevant to their role, while 74 percent of U.S. IT pros admitted to doing the same. Further, 41 and 40 percent (UK and U.S. respectively) admitted they had used their admin password to access information considered to be confidential or particularly sensitive.

The fact that 67 percent of UK respondents and 78 percent of U.S. respondents say their privileged accounts are monitored does barely anything to pacify concerns when Cyber-Ark reports that 53 percent (UK) and 74 percent (US) have the ability to get around controls put in place to monitor access.

Asked what they would take if they knew they were going to be fired in the morning, only 30 percent of UK respondents said nothing. The U.S. respondents seemed a little more loyal to their employers, with 64 percent saying they'd take nothing. Of the 70 percent of British and 36 percent of Americans who said they would take something, the most prominent choice was the database (16 percent in both countries). Also on the list were privileged passwords, the email server admin account, financial reports, the CEO's password and R&D plans.

Those surveyed said they believed the people working IT departments were most likely to snoop around the network.

Have you ever snooped around on the network at work? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • chodaboy
    I've snooped around the secretary's personal folders in search of nudity. It seems that she keeps all her naked pictures at home though...
  • haunted one
    70% said they'd steal data?????? O__o
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  • haunted one
    70% said they'd steal data?????? O__o
  • snoogins
    Seems pretty ridiculous if you ask me, but I'm not an IT guy, so maybe they have their reasons.

    But ya, the amount that said they would steal data is no good at all.
  • freename
    It says "Among the stuff 70 percent of the British and 36 percent of Americans said they'd take was..."
    So, they would take data - personal emails, photos maybe? And some (an undisclosed number) said they'd take more.
    Seems like a lot of FUD re: taking stuff. More information required.