Acer Announces Iconia Tablet, the Tab A500

Well, here's part of that commitment. Officially unveiled at CES La Vegas, you’re looking at the single screen version of the Acer Iconia. Dubbed the Iconia Tab A500, the device packs a 10.1-inch "10 point multitouch" display, Nvidia’s dual core Tegra 2 chipset (1.06GHz), HDMI, support for Flash 10.1, 3G and Verizon's fourth generation LTE network (launched last month).

Though Acer didn’t go into details about the OS, the company did reveal that it will be running "the latest highly intuitive Android OS," which likely means they’re waiting on Honeycomb, or at least Gingerbread, to hit the mainstream before announcing any more details. Unfortunately those of you who relish the pure, untouched Android experienced will be disappointed to hear that Acer is also including its own UI (Acer UI 4.5) so users can "reach a whole new level of interactivity." We're sure they'll appreciate that.

We’ll try and get a peek at the device down at Acer’s booth once the show opens tomorrow morning. Until then, feast your eyes on the mystery 10-incher Acer revealed, but didn't say much about, last November. Is that you, Iconia Tab?

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  • joytech22
    amoghthegameriPad wannabe! EPIC FAILURE!

    Anyone with the guts to say that is obviously a fanboy.

    Not to mention that it's also better in every way, it's more powerful, has HDMI out, FLASH YES FLASH, 3G and it's just better because i say so.

    This tablet would be better if they didn't create their own UI, when i got my galaxy S, the stock Android home screen had been removed and i was stuck with Samsung's ui.. i switched to launcher pro :)
  • fonzy
    How much? That is the question.
  • noxxynova
    HDMI out and Flash is awesome. This would actually be useful in situations that would require something close to an ultra portable laptop. Ipad is like an uncomfortable Itouch.

    Obaby I can just imagine the slideshows I can take to work!