Report: Intel Bay Trail Tablets to Arrive in Q4 2013

According to Fudzilla’s “industry sources,” tablets featuring Intel’s upcoming quad-core Atom “Bay Trail”
SoC will arrive in Q4 2013, specifically in time for the 2013 holiday season and the important consumer holidays of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Boxing Day. Fudzilla further adds that this new date is a “slight delay” from their original projections of between August and December and that they believe that “Bay Trail” will have a “tough time to fight many ARM based tablets” in the near future.

Naturally, we’ll have to wait until the devices are formally released before we judge the hype or reach a final conclusion on Intel’s “Bay Trail” platform. It is worth bearing in mind that AMD’s “Temash”-based tablets are expected to be unveiled at Computex 2013 in June.


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  • marshal11
    "Quad-core Atom" Never thought I'd read that in my entire life hahaha.
    On a serious note, I'm curious to see how Intel will compete with ARM tablets in the future. I'm kind of expecting AMD's tablets to not do so well with battery life because AMD never was too good with power consumption. But who knows. They are GREAT with integrated graphics.
  • Wisecracker
    Bay Trail is going to be Temash'ed
  • sundragon
    Can we haz benchmark?
    Quad core atom using an updated architecture (x86-64 instead of x86) may make things interesting...