Intel Invents A New Calendar, Replaces Christ With Centrino


As we reported, Intel launched Centrino 2 yesterday at an event held in San Francisco’s Mezzanine. However, we left out just one noteworthy event, we decided to share with you.

There was one aspect of this launch that was slightly off base, but we’ll leave it up to you to judge who was right and who was wrong. During his presentation, corporate vice president Mooly Eden invented a new calendar.

According to the executive, in 2000 BC ("Before Centrino") only 19% of all sold PCs were notebooks. In the year of Centrino’s birth, the share of notebook sales began to grow visibly, while we are now approaching the 50% mark - much earlier than expected, according to Eden.

Something is just not right here. Yes, we got the joke. But "2000 Before Centrino"? Really? Would that be year 3, since Centrino was introduced in 2003? Ok, we don’t waste too much time on this one, but we do hope that Intel will be skipping biblical terms or western calendars with something that makes sense.

  • hardwarekid9756
    That is just WAY to hot to comment on. Quite Frankly I see no problem at all.
  • dragunover
    lol,Intel is gonna be struck by lightning..or preferably an AMD comeback sometime soon.
  • warezme
    His name is Eden, more like the Beeaatch that snarfed the red apple.
  • jerreece
    Granted the whole "BC" idea is a man made calendar (God doesn't need calendars as He is timeless), I'd still say it's a joke that walks a fine line. Especially one being made in such a broad public forum.

    I think the not so subtle reference to Jesus Christ with their "BC" statement is very prideful. Perhaps Intel's ego is getting to big for itself...
  • jerreece
    warezmeHis name is Eden, more like the Beeaatch that snarfed the red apple.
    Eden is the place where Adam and Eve lived. Eve is the woman in which you are refering with your colorful language.
  • arson94
    Oh snap! warezme just got burned...
  • tagasur
    ..they teach religion differently in texas, just so you know where warezme learned it. i live here, so i know what kind of a back-country, bible-thumping, conservative and subtly segregated republican state this is. gawd, i wish california, massachussetts or new york would invade texas, but who would want a state full of idiots, the president included?
  • evilshuriken
    I thought it was funny. Some of you need to stop being so fearful of god, if he does exist I'm sure he's not terribly offended right now, and he's not going to burn down your house for laughing.
  • mdillenbeck
    How long until the Christians come out of the wood works to complain how this is an insult and affront to their faith? Especially being so shortly after criticizing Muslims over their outrages over portrayals of their faith. So much for tolerance. (Sorry, just a side thought.)


    I didn't go into work last week here in Wisconsin and the weather got cooler and less humid over the weekend. Then I went back to work and its muggy and hot again. My going to work must be causing it to get hot and muggy - so if you live in Wisconsin and want to keep cool this summer, send me money so I won't need to go into work! (I'll stop when I reach $5k.)

    Seriously, how foolish do they think we are that we don't understand false claims of causality? Perhaps - just perhaps - there is another reason that notebook sales are increasing? Dropping price? Increased performance? Better portability? Naaaaaaah... couldn't be.
  • exit2dos
    Theo, you know what Eden meant. You're deliberately trying to rile people with that title. Please take your FUD and your "reverse hyperthreading" back to the Inquirer.

    Flamebaiting is bad enough in the forum, it is really inappropriate for the frontpage of a respectable site.

    Does BoM really stand behind this type of journalism?