Interplay May Revive Descent and MDK Games

Has Interplay finally secured the funds to develop new Descent and MDK games? That's what website Duck and Cover indicated in a report based on an SEC filing by Interplay. Apparently the company is selling millions of shares of Interplay stock to Frederic Chesnais and MicroProse Software in an effort to secure funds for game development.

Interplay investor Frymuchan said on the DAC forums that Fredrick Chesnais agreed to fund 4 Interplay IP's in exchange for the shares and the option to purchase additional shares.

"Basically, the stock deal and options for Fredrick are a reward for getting four new Interplay games funded (this isn't confirmed yet, but this stock purchase makes it very, very likely that everything worked out, otherwise Fredrick would not have bought more shares)," Frymuchan wrote.

He also mentioned that the four games in question were Descent, Earthworm Jim, Dark Alliance, and MDK.

News of Interplay heading back to the four classic IPs isn't anything new--the company revealed its intentions in an April 2008 press release. Interplay's console-friendly Earthworm Jim has already seen a resurgence, appearing on Apple's App Store, the Wii Virtual Console and other platforms.

Let's hope that Interplay returns to the Kingpin franchise with a new chapter once it gets a better financial footing.

  • jhansonxi
    The Descent series were great games. Theres been some third-party development since the source code was released like D2X-XL.
  • Oh man, the Descent games were incredible! After I bought the first, I had to have all the rest all the way through D3's expansion pack. I hope they make another! (I was actually talking to my friend just yesterday about how much fun we used to have playing Descent)
  • carlhenry
    i'd love to play mdk again. ooohh.. and a new earthworm jim
  • thedreadfather
    Wow. I just reinstalled D3 today because I missed playing it. Descent is awesome and I'd love to see a modern version of it.
  • megamanx00
    I would most like to see Earth Worm Jim. You know, because he's such a groovy guy :D.
  • TheDuke
    I'm still waiting for the resurgence of Interplay. Maybe after Fallout MMO
  • requiemsallure
    Descent, good stuff, enough said. :)
  • michaelahess
    I loved all the descent's. Real adrenalin rising games. I also miss all the great Microprose games like Covert Action, Lightspeed, and many others I don't recall at the moment,
  • papasmurf
    thank you interplay! Please dish us up some freespace 3 dx11 goodness too!
  • mitchellvii
    Descent was my first and favorite online shooter of all time. I miss the days of planting proximity mines right behind doors and shooting mercury missles with their classic, "ch-waaa" sound. What I miss most of all was having to aim 3 (virtual) feet ahead of the enemy to make up for horrible pings over modem connections (almost as bad as the lag in current COD MW2 games).

    Ah, those were the days. Bring them back :).