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Iron Man Fanatic Builds His Own JARVIS

Like a lot of us, Chad Barraford watched Iron Man and lusted after a home-helper just like JARVIS. But, unlike most people, Chad decided making his own JARVIS couldn't be that difficult. Using a four-year-old old Mac Mini with built in speech recognition, Barraford managed to create a 'digital life assistant' that greets him by name when he gets home; tells him the how long he's been gone and lists the temperature of the house. It can also turn on and off lights; recognize his close friend Meaghan; tell whether the dog is inside or outside and can keep him updated about Facebook notifications, breaking news and FedEx Shipments.

It doesn't end either. Chad sometimes gets bad migraines. If he notifies JARVIS via text message on the way home, the lights in his house will be dimmed, his boss will be informed and there'll be a Facebook status notifying his friends list that he's not well.

The whole thing cost Barraford under $700 to make, including wall speakers and an xTag wireless microphone. You might expect someone with a homemade setup like this to be lusting after something more high tech and expensive that's purpose-built, but Chad is happy with his own make-shift system.

"I’m not a big fan of most of those technologies anyway. They’re overly expensive and clumsy to use," Barraford told, adding that his DLA isn't about home automation; it's about home integration.

Check out the introduction to JARVIS below. More videos showing off JARVIS' talents are available on Chad's YouTube channel or on the Project Jarvis Website.

And here's a bonus video of an Iron Man 2 trailer: