Titanium Blue PS3 Hitting Japan This Month

While we're all busy debating Kinect and Move, it's easy to forget that for members of a younger generation, this holiday season marks the beginning of their journey into console gaming. And really, what better way to enter the world of PlayStation than with a blue PS3?

What you see here is the titanium blue PS3 that's set to hit Japan on November 25. Part of a Gran Turismo 5 bundle, there's no word on whether or not American gamers will get a chance to purchase one of these colorful consoles. We wouldn't be surprised if, as with many colored versions of popular electronics, it's a limited edition and only available to Japanese customers.

Still, if you find yourself inconsolable and yearning for a blue PS3 to go with your dreams of a white Christmas, you can always hit up Colorware and get them to help you out. It'll only cost you an arm and a leg ($450 for a new, painted console or $149 to paint your existing PS3) but what's money when you can be the only cat in town with a powder-blue PS3?

Source: Slippery Brick

  • nforce4max
    That is a lot to ask for just a different color plastic shell.
  • Strider-Hiryu_79
    I'll stick to my 60GB(upgraded to a 500GB 7200rpm seagate momentus g HDD) Piano Black finish PS3 with bling bling chrome accents. I have to admit though the blue makes the ps3 slim not so "cheap-looking". Unlike the original ps3 slim.

    And GT5 ftw! If I was one of those "I ain't buying a ps3 till GT5 comes out" people(yep they exist); I would definitely pick this up or import it since it's only in japan. If not I would definitely pick up a ps3/gt5 bundle.

    Oh well 11/24/2010 can't come soon enough.
  • theshonen8899
    Screw that, give us more limited edition cases like Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy VII!!
  • Emperus
    The first edition still holds the best respect in terms of looks.. The matte black edition was ok.. Blue, although my favourite color, does not looks that appealing here.. IMHO, it actually is looking much cheaper.. For limited edition options, i'll give a +1 to Shonen's recommendations..
  • Darkerson
    I wouldn't mind one in a crimson red color, with maybe black accents. But thats me. Anyway, hopefully they bring this over, or something different thats only available for us in the USA. And then something special for Europe, too, since they really seem to get the shaft, most of the time.
  • thillntn
    Apparently $ony has never hear of Krylon Fusion (until now???)Gimmee my linux back and i'll buy :)
  • rohitbaran
    Yeah, a blue PS3 and a year later, a silver PS3 and a new color every year. Crap, are they ever going to give hint about when next gen consoles will hit market? They just keep launching new addons (kinect and move) to give a new like feel, but look at the hardware of these consoles, generations old!
  • dEAne
    nice color
  • ta152h
    Since when is Titanium, blue? What's next Emerald purple?
  • okibrian
    I live in Japan, so I guess I got a new business. :D