Android-powered JooJoo 2 is Coming in 2011

The JooJoo's launch was marred with controversy and whether it was the tablet and its limited functions, or the fact that the launch was rife with dispute, people just didn't care for the device. However, it seems FusionGarage believes the JooJoo brand can still be a success; the company has revealed that the JooJoo 2 will hit next year and will be based on Android.

The first JooJoo was a tablet made for searching the web, and not much else. However, the device arrived around the same time as the iPad, which boasted thousands of applications that allowed for ebook reading, word processing, email, video, music, and gaming. Reviews of the JooJoo weren't stellar and, as a result, sales were pretty low.

Still, that hasn't stopped FusionGarage talking about JooJoo 2. It's not yet clear if the new JooJoo will be have similar functionality to the iPad or Galaxy Tab, however, we do know that it will be based on Android. According to Gizmodo, the JooJoo 2 will run on Android but won't be an Android tablet, meaning it might not have access to the Android Marketplace. Instead they'll be taking Android and "optimizing it for what the market needs." This includes plans to take several messaging services, like Gmail and Facebook Mail, and allow access via one UI.

FusionGarage plans to discontinue (but still support) the first generation JooJoo once the second iteration hits shelves in 2011. The company also said they plan on being a 'multiple device company.' Considering their plans to discontinue the original JooJoo, this suggests they'll either launch the JooJoo 2 in more than one size, or offer other products alongside the tablet.

Source: Gizmodo

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    How many people have even bought or heard of JooJoo 1?
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    Joo Joo 2, so easy, even a caveman can do it.
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    It would be nice if it can run on Ubuntu tablet version
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