Kindle Fire 8.9 Now Available in the UK

Amazon's Kindle Fire 8.9 has finally landed in the United Kingdom. The company the took the wraps off its brand new line of Kindle devices back in September. Thankfully, unlike the first Kindle Fire, these new models were released internationally and the UK got the Kindle Fire just a little bit later than U.S. customers. However, when the new Kindles hit the UK, it was just the 7-inch Kindle Fire and the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD. The newly announced Kindle Fire 8.9 was nowhere to be seen and there has been little talk of a UK launch since. Until today, that is.

Amazon today announced the availability of the Kindle Fire 8.9 in the United Kingdom. Priced at £229 for the 16GB or £259 for the 32GB, the tablet features an 8.9-inch 920x1200 display with 254 ppi, and a 1.5GHz TI OMAP4470 processor.

The pricing above includes the discount that comes with purchasing the Amazon Special Offers version of the Kindle Fire 8.9. If you don't want the ads, you're looking at £239 and £269 for the 16GB and 32GB respectively.

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