LG Sells 10 Million L-Series Smartphones

Korean smartphone manufacturer LG has announced that its L-Series range of smartphones has sold over 10 million units.

The L-Series includes the Optimus L3, L5, L7, and L9. While it's an impressive feat, it's nowhere near the commercial performance achieved by other Android-powered smartphones such as Samsung's Galaxy S3, a device that has sold 30 million units in a few months.

LG describes the milestone as "modest," perhaps acknowledging that it was expecting the aforementioned devices to perform better. The firm then spoke about the competition, stating its handsets boast "distinctive" styling, as opposed to a "me too" vibe.

"This milestone demonstrates the importance of delivering smartphones with stylish design, comparative size of display and enhanced UX features," said Dr. Jong-seok Park, LG Mobile Communication Company's president and CEO.

"Whereas other manufacturers are putting all their eggs into a one-size-fits-all phone, our strategy is to develop mobile products for all types of customers according to their individual needs and lifestyles."

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  • kensingtron
    I'm interested in what they consider the "me too" products are and what "manufacturers are putting all their eggs into a one-size-fits-all phone". As far as I'm aware apple is really the only one-size-fits-all company, even so they have a range of generations you can purchase. All other major phone manufacturers seem to have a huge range of sizes/styles/price points available.
  • masterasia
    how many nexus 4 phones were sold?
  • victorintelr
    I agree with Kensingtron. The one-size-fits-all is relative to the point of view. Samsung has a wide range of phones and so other companies have different phones with different sizes. Even MetroPCS offers some midrange phone with different screen sizes and styles. I got the SGS III recently. Well.....coming from the Samsung Caliber (which is one of the few that has a resistitive touch screen and loved that feature, like more precise handwritting) and the few apps available, the change is like night and day. I had other options but decided to go for the best, though if they had the Note II I would have gotten that one or the ATIV with Windows Phone 8
  • Think marketing. Samsung spends the a huge proportion of its marketing budget on Galaxy and Note.