LG Wristwatch Phone Launching Next Month

We weren’t so sure about this idea when we saw it at CES 2008. It was just a concept back then and we thought it was sort of lame. Sure, it would be all Dick Tracy and awesome but there’s a reason some of those gadgets don’t exist in real life--they’re so impractical. Then CES 2009 rolled around and Woo Paik from LG made a call live on stage (on speaker phone so we could all listen) and revealed that the phone/watch would be available in the second half of 2009.

We have to say, at second time around the idea was a lot more appealing. Voice recognition and a Bluetooth headset is on hand to make it easier to place calls/dial numbers/not talk into your wrist. There’s also a Text to Speech feature that reads your text messages back to you so you don’t have to worry about straining your eyes on that tiny screen. That said, there’s nothing to help with the composing of SMS messages, so you’re kind of screwed on that one.

LG today announced that the wristwatch phone will be available in Europe starting next month, with global availability to follow soon after. Nothing official on price but according to PCPro, rumors are putting it at £1,000 off-contract with Orange UK. No word regarding on-contract pricing.

Anybody actually waiting to buy one of these things or does it fall under the “cool but too expensive” category?

  • Hellbound
    Cool, but to expensive..
  • Kill@dor
    Wouldn't buy it myself...very cool concept. I think with little time they can evolve to touch screens with speaker, or even bluetooth capabilities in competition. I actually though one of these would have been made years ago, but oh well...
  • Grims
    Already being a computer person, I can't afford coming across any nerdier.
  • unlicensedhitman
    OMG just like the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger!
  • grieve
    GrimsAlready being a computer person, I can't afford coming across any nerdier.hehe

    Im a tech myself (geek) and this seems pretty cheesy to me even!

    Doesnt this bring back memories of the kid you used to beat up who wore the calculator watch in the 80's?
  • ssddx
    This would be a very handy place to store a cell phone, however, it will have to be pretty rugged as you could easily bang it against objects accidentally. Calls would almost certainly have to be made using bluetooth as the idea of speaking to your wrist or having a wrist act as a speakerphone are a tad strange. Since it is a "watch" the battery life would have to be good since most people would expect it to be a phone AND a watch. Most touchscreen phones drain batteries like mad if the screen is left active at all times. Seems to me that this product has the cool factor, but is not very realistic in its application.
  • batkerson
    Despite the "convenience" of a pda/cellphone, it's a real pain to keep track of. So this new "gadget" sounds pretty good to me. . .even so, I won't be an early adopter at that price. How's the battery life? I have a solar powered wristwatch. . .hmmmmmm.
  • topgun505
    If you don't mind carrying it around in your pocket you could carry one of those bluetooth laser-projection keyboards which would solve your SMS-input issue (at least when you are seated somewhere). Obviously that won't help if your on the go, but it's a partial solution.
  • cadder
    You can only text one-handed with it since your other hand can't reach it.

    It could have a monochrome LCD screen like contemporary wristwatches which would help with the battery drain.

    I look at my Samsung Epix and compare it with the Seiko analog watch I'm wearing right now. The Samsung has a 320x320 display, shrink it down a bit to more closely match the watch and it would be maybe 240x240, which is doable. Rather than touch-screen buttons you could use the tiny little buttons like the Epix has and put just the number buttons beside the screen. It wouldn't quite look like that LG in the photo, but it could fit on your wrist.

    But the wrist is not a good place for a phone since you need it at your ear for talking/listening. If you are going to use bluetooth then just put the phone that you have now in your pocket.
  • anamaniac
    I see no reason for this to be so expensive.

    I think this would make better for a $50 cheap phone that anyone could afford but lacks any and all features.
    I view it as a bottom of the line cheapo, not worth much.