Hands-on With Lenovo's ThinkVision Portable Display

Earlier this week, Lenovo announced its first ever Windows 8 touch-optimized portable monitor. The ThinkVision was unveiled at CES 2013 and measures in at 13.3 inches in size with a 1600x900 resolution AH-IPS Gorilla Glass anti-glare display, 10 point multi-touch, a stylus and a stand that allows for both landscape and portrait mode.

Lenovo was kind enough to let us maul the device in person earlier this week. Weighing in at 1.6 pounds, it's not an overly heavy piece of equipment and though it is portable, the Lenovo rep we talked to said it's aimed at folks that don't have Windows machines optimized for Microsoft's touchy-feely Windows 8 operating system. The ThinkVision is a way to bring people that touchscreen functionality without them having to buy a whole new machine. We have to admit, we're not crazy about the stand and the way it's been implemented, but it seemed sturdy enough.

Scheduled for release sometime during the second quarter of 2013, pricing fo the ThinkVision is expected to be about $449. Check the photos below!

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  • g00fysmiley
    nice perephrial i'd much rather use that than a tablet, physical keyboards are just so nice, and running x86 programs and hopefully with a actualy high capacity hdd instead of just paultry 16-32 gigs of storage, good job levono can't wait to see the reveiws and hopefully some cheaper options like an 8 or 10 inch
  • tarzan2001
    Isn't that a lot of money for a simple 13-inch touchscreen monitor??
  • tokencode
    Ummmm... no thanks. Save your $450 for a new computer, if you really need to touch something that badly, hire a prostitute, it's probably cheaper.
  • wysir
    nice concept, but the price doesn't justify not buying a new machine.