LinkedIn Rumored to Be Buying Pulse News App

LinkedIn might not be the most popular social network out there but it is definitely the top dog when it comes to business networking. Over the years, LinkedIn has evolved from simple resume hosting and now offers job listings, Twitter integration, news, groups, and more. This week brings rumors that LinkedIn might be branching out even more with the purchase of Pulse Newsreader.

All Things D cites sources familiar with the negotiations that say LinkedIn is set to acquire Pulse for somewhere between $50 million and $100 million. Neither company has commented on the rumors, though previous reports (also from All Things D) said Microsoft and Yahoo! were also in engaged in talks to buy Pulse.

Though there are rumors of multiple potential buyers, none have commented on the reports. Pulse was launched in 2010 as a news reader app that displays news from multiple RSS feeds on a single page using a sleek, magazine-like interface. Though it was originally launched as a $4.99 iPhone app, Pulse is now available in iOS, Android, and HTML5 formats and is free (though it does feature some sponsored content).

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  • d_kuhn
    I don't get Linked In... basically what you'd have if Facebook charged you for everything. I created an account and got a bunch of request from people to "add me to their network" but it seems like anytime I tried to do something on the site I was blocked unless I 'upgraded' my membership. So now I send all Lined In emails to spam automatically and sent them a letter saying "for a low price of $9.00 a month I'll upgrade your service to 'readable'".